Podcast stuff: You're Really Out There!

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce that the first episode of YROT is available on Spotify and iTunes now if you haven’t already had a chance to hear it.

Episode two will be more phone call driven, so I’m looking for people to call and talk to. You don’t have to have any specific questions, we can just riff! The guests for the next episode are John Prolly from The Radavist and motorsports enthusiast and racer, Emme Hall!

I’ll be recording Monday from 4-6 Mountain time. If you want to sign up to be on the air, here’s our signup form!

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If you get the opportunity I hope you get @kodastacoma and @fotorunner on there.

Good suggestions! I bet those guys are down to record an episode. There’s no shortage of rad people to talk to, it seems.

I’ve been enjoying the podcasts, keep it up!

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Has there been more than one? Did I miss some?


Yo! Episode two went live Friday (sorry I didn’t post about it).

I’ll be posting new episodes every other Friday, so you can expect them regularly.

Here’s episode 2:
On Spotify

On Apple


Yeah, there is a new one. Episode 2.

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Ok. Guess I know what I’m doing after my mountain bike ride tomorrow.


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Keep the echo! It’s great

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Zoom meeting bumped my mountain bike ride to tomorrow, but I just finished episode 2. Emme and John were great. I can tell that John is a recent NM resident as the subject of green chile never came up… Ha! I have to say that I wish John would have taken the podcast down the bogan rabbit hole. That would have been fun. Loved Emme’s stories. She has the best laugh! GFC should give Thomas a tent and make him the R&D guy. Im sure he’d take that GFC full nelson!


haha, Thomas is the man!

John and Emme will both be back. Next time John is on he and I will go down that rabbit hole together (it’s something we see eye to eye on).

Glad you enjoyed it!

Cool. Just re-read my post. The other thing I forgot to mention was that I love the emergence of the AMC in both podcasts so far. I’m enjoying learning little nuggets about that thing too! I’m looking forward to getting my camper and seeing that thing in the flesh… I should be getting close. #706