Recommended Activities While Waiting for Install

I have an install date scheduled - this means the long part of the wait is over. Now for the hard part of the wait…

When I bought my first home, it was the same feeling. I would wander the aisles at Home Depot and look at all the things I might someday soon need.

For the GFC camper, I am starting to get the truck ready for the camper experience:

What did YOU do while you were waiting or for those who have their campers, what did you wish you had done prior to taking delivery?

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Trimming down the shark fin antenna - I have a `15 tacoma access cab and it interfered ever-so-slightly with the overhang on the camper. The guys at GFC mentioned it was exclusively a '15 tacoma fitment issue, the earlier 2nd gens have a different shark fin apparently.

Not a huge project - but a pain with the camper in the way.

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I pretty much just obsessively checked the forum and YouTube for new posts, and then made a model of my truck bed with a GFCin Sketchup so I could play around with layout before I got it. In the end none of it helped since I am horrible at waiting for things.


this is a 2015 - and this is something i keep asking the install guys about!

what did you plop in place of the sharkfin?

for the sharkfin - here’s what i found and just ordered. will totally replace this versus cut it and definitely want to do this prior to having the topper over it…

Ordered Wagyu beef from New Zealand, trimmed and made sliders with Hatch peppers from New Mexico that I roasted. Made Slider buns adding more chopped Hatch Peppers, grew red onions in the garden from seed, harvested and pickled, cured wild boar bacon, sliced crisped up and put on said sliders and now sitting reading more blog post about what to expect when I pick up my tent later today!


hahahah enjoy it, and the sliders! i just roasted some home grown hatch chilis myself!

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I removed the shark fin (a bit tedious, need to drop the back part of the headlined to get to the bolt), took it apart and hacked a little off the top. Filled it from the inside with some plastic sealant / epoxy stuff, sanded then put back together.


Asking us GFC zombies what to do in the meantime is dangerous (not really, we are not short on suggestions). I like that you are considering a dual battery setup. My suggestion is to consider a Dc to Dc charger (Redarc or Ctek) to make sure the dual batteries stay topped off. Solar panels are always a great addition. How are you on storage? Deck system vs DIY will help! Talking about storage! Get yourself a “Bunker” from Duluth Trading. That will keep you organized and it is relatively inexpensive. Depending what type of camping/exploration you like to do, lights, skid plates and a winch may come in handy.
Did I say we were not short on suggestions! I hope this helps. I am going to stop to let the others offer some suggestions. Heck I am pumped for you and I already have a V2!!

Lol I know but everyone learns lessons - see the shark fin one, that’s what I am looking for.

I got the dual battery system from Offgrid Eng and went with the redarc bcdc over the Blue Sea isolator thing for exactly this reason. Have a pair of AGM batteries as well. I already have full skid plates from RCI, bumpers front and rear from a buddy who makes plate bumpers, LEDs front and rear, a trigger six shot lighting control on my primary battery with 3 open slots for additional lights on the camper if i choose to add more. (lights inside the camper will be off the aux battery to isolate)

When camper is in, I will run 8AWG back from the aux to the bed and put in some sort of fuse bay - again the link i shared above is a reallllly good example of this but probably more than i will do. just didn’t want to put any electrical components in the bed without any topper on it - marine grade would hold up, but no need to get over my skis here.

storage is a great call. the second link i posted has a guy who kitted with goose gear and fabbed a bench. trouble is i don’t like their prices all that much for what it is and the custom part that made his solution so cool is not being offered at this time due to high demand for non-custom parts. I have a wood shop and figured I could probably get some 80/20 and build the same thing for a fraction of the price of goose.

the bunker is cool - i have been looking at that. i like the price for what it is. the vrnclr stuff looks nice too but is a big spendy. i am not suggesting they should charge less, but i am on the fence about if it is worth $800 for two triangle shaped bags. curious to hear what others have found on these…

I think I am going to steer clear of a full decked or any other platform system because i want to make sure i have plenty of room to stand with the tent open and a bench provides storage and a place to sit. best of both worlds - can put on boots inside before going outside.

Very helpful! I ordered a “lower profile” one that is meant to be an OEM replacement. If it doesn’t work, I will go this route. Do you know how much (in inches) you removed from the 2015 shark fin?

Maybe an inch? I’ll take a look when I can / measure the overall height of what’s left. It doesn’t take much to resolve the interference and allow some room for the bed to move around.

This guy wrote up a pretty simple DIY explanation of the same thing I did -

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I took off the old bed rails, laid rv weather seal between the truck bed and bed rails.

Ordered gzila rain fly poles/holders.

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I was going to suggest stargazing while laying in your naked, topperless truck, but I see you were looking for utilitarian ideas.


Good call - found this:

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I rode all am in big sky at the resort, until 1230ish, then loaded up and headed to gfc for my install appointment at 240. If i had known it was going to take so long to install the cap before me(dodge 1500) I’d have gone to the museum of the rockies to take a look then come back.

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what is a Duluth Trading Bunker - nothing came up in search?

The Duluth Trading Car Bunker is an organizer that is intended to be installed in the back seat of your truck. GFC owners have often installed it in the cargo area of the trucks for storage. Currently, Duluth Trading is out of stock and it is probably the reason your search hasn’t yield anything. Keep checking it is a money maker for them. Cheer

If you are interested in a picture. Search this site under “mod, tips and tricks” Duluth back seat bunker.

doesnt seem like duluth sells these anymore - hence not finding them on their site. i think i saw an LL Bean fishing thing similar but have not pulled the trigger myself.