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save the drama for yo momma

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As annoying as the constant posts are, I understand peoples situation changes and life happens. Perhaps people realise they don’t actually camp or camp enough to spend the money on this luxury. Saw a post elsewhere about a different company that wouldn’t allow people in line to sell spots, there was considerable backlash to that. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t


I think it’s fine, I wish there was a separate marketplace “topic” for selling spots in-line. No matter how much someone else spends for a spot I’ll still get my allotted build date. I have not seen anyone buying and reselling multiple spots for profit. Just one offs with “impatience tax.”


I’m not seeing how selling spots inflates the production demand. A build number is a build number as far as demand is concerned, it seems to me. It wouldn’t matter if that build number has been the subject of a transaction or not. It would stay the same on GFC’s excel sheet. Please explain what you mean.
To me the scalping angle is what could get out of hand.


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I believe one of the reasons GFC created this forum was for it’s customers to have an easier time selling the non-refundable deposit they purchased. This Marketplace makes it easy for people to impulse buy a GFC and then back out of it. At least that’s what it looks like.


I can somewhat agree with what you’re saying. As someone that is hoping to jump the line, I’ve held off purchasing my own spot for a superlite. I’m only one person- but if 100s of people are purchasing spots and then selling them, I could see how it might interfere with the production timing for others wanting to buy. But at the end of the day, the campers are selling either way, right? You can’t cancel an order.

I think the real issue here is supply not meeting the demand. For now, individuals are profiting off of that “impatience tax”, but as soon as the company is able to catch up, they can pocket that money for themselves. I think i’d be super cool if the company took over the resale of the spots at an inflated price themselves- that way we all could support this bomb company and everyone wins.

But there is something to be said for that “lottery” feel of scoring a spot. I barely missed one last week and it was and up and down for sure.

You can’t buy that kind of marketing appeal. So it might be working out for them either way.

I will never understand why anybody cares about this. Seriously, who cares? People have way too much time to be discussing the philosophy and ethics behind selling a camper spot to someone else.

If GFC wants to stop it, they can. Until then, its part of the deal. Go camping, chill out, lower your blood pressure and focus on the things that matter.


This right here is the only issue–it doesn’t matter who is buying and selling spots if someone buys a spot in line when they want a tent or camper. The fact you are waiting because you want to jump ahead only perpetuates your perceived problem. If you want a tent, put a deposit down and get in line and then it doesn’t matter how many spots are sold ahead and behind you. If selling spots were a problem would there not be a plethora of spots available for you to purchase right now?

It’s not a problem of people selling their spots, it’s a problem of impatience. This is a fantastic community with a ton of knowledgeable, creative, and helpful users, but it feels like there is a disproportionately high number of people here who apparently have never had to wait for anything in their lives.


The fact you are waiting because you want to jump ahead only perpetuates your perceived problem. If you want a tent, put a deposit down and get in line and then it doesn’t matter how many spots are sold ahead and behind you. If selling spots were a problem would there not be a plethora of spots available for you to purchase right now?

My actual problem is that I’ve got a trip planned this summer with a fixed time frame. I’m holding off purchasing to reduce backup for others that may actually want that August spot. I’m headed back to teaching August 10th- at that time, I’ll be purchasing a spot and have no problem waiting.

If I don’t get an earlier spot, I’m fine with continuing with the setup I have right now for this summer. So…I actually think I’m helping others out by keeping earlier spots that don’t fit in my timeframe open, and feel like I’m practicing a solid “waiting for it” mentality that you seem to want to foster in the world.

Also- I’m not seeing this plethora of spots available that you’ve mentioned- if so, help hook me up dude. This is a great community forum- I’ve found a lot of decent advice on here. This interaction has been the first one that hasn’t felt all that welcoming.


Don’t get turned off. This is a great community :+1:


Is this the root of the hold-up? That’s a really interesting predicament. I can see being worried about over ordering, but there’s got to be algorithms out there to help manage this, right? I am curious.

Agreed! I’ve gotten some solid advice on here and love checking in on the products. This community is full of people that share passions and there’s such a bank of experience-based knowledge here.

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I do apologize if my language felt antagonizing–looking back I can see how easy it would be misconstrue my intentions. It was not meant to be a personal attack on you, but I was also not attempting to sugar coat anything. We may not see eye to eye on this, but it is possible to have civilized discussion that ends with disagreement. The reality is between this forum and the GFC Facebook group I’ve lost count of the number of posts I’ve read similar to yours. It was a statement aimed at all of those and the underlying trend is that people are mad at GFC they don’t get their tent sooner.

The point of my post was that when you decided you wanted a tent, if you had placed an order you would have had a drastically increased chance of meeting your deadline over solely relying on luck of finding one for sale. If you bought a spot and then were able to purchase an earlier build then you have seen how easily those spots sell. Selling spots doesn’t inflate demand, it fixes supply. People often see the benefit in buying someone else’s spot and moving up and miss how if they had a spot to sell it would waterfall down the line until it regulates. You said in your instance you’re waiting in case someone wants the August build slot. My point is, what is the difference if the August build slot comes from GFC or you? If you miss your trip and want to offer the spot to someone, then sell it and put a new order in so you can help out others who want the spot (no one is making anyone list them for a profit). Or keep it so that you have it ready to go on your next trip. You lose nothing by getting in line and have the potential to gain everything.

As to the plethora of spots comment, you hit my point on the head. If selling spots was causing problems you’d likely see floods of sale posts. But there clearly aren’t tons of them everywhere so I don’t see how logic would follow that a handful of events is causing issues.

I believe both of us got sidetracked a bit from the original comment which was that selling spots causes inflated demand. Demand is there no matter who is selling spots. As with any new product there will be an initial spike which will take some time to normalize. In the meantime all selling spots is doing allowing people to bow out of line without losing their deposit money. All that’s doing is shortening the line for everyone.


All good brah! Just a tired topic that I thought was resolved in the several other times its been brought up on the forum. People get feisty, show their inner “Karen”, spread their “moral superiority” over others who disagree with their viewpoint, and is just a waste of time unless you’re someone working at GFC. Its a lot of arguing about something that nobody on here as any say about. Grab a beer and relax brah…life’s too short to worry about someone cutting in line.

Peace brah! I’m gonna go start a post for people to discuss their opinion on who the best American president is.

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Thanks for the clarity on this, I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate.
I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of success of trickle-down-economics in my life, but honestly…I do feel like this is the type of setting that it might actually work. Just good people trying to share good things without trying to keep all the riches for themselves (sorry if that sounds too political, I definitely would not like to open that bag). I don’t know a lot about the reason behind the hold-ups in productions, so I was just operating on a limited output assumption. I have only been cruising the forums for a few weeks and I figured there was just a misbalance of demand and their ability to assemble them on time. I’ll keep looking into it and then reconsider my commitment to holding off on purchasing a future spot.

Totally agree on this point- the demand is out there.

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All I can say is that this forum quickly devolved into name calling and nasty PMs, just like hanging out on reddit.

I think the only logical thing to do is to sell my spot in line, go out to the woods, and kill myself. Getting bullied by truck camper people is pretty harsh tokes. If I find myself camping next to one of these a-holes with a @hashtag ‘their name’ on their camper - I am going to take a photo and post it and NOT @mention you.

Deleting entire thread in t-minus 5… world has enough drama.


I jumped the line and pretty sure I would have ended up with a V2 if I hadn’t. I’m totally OK with that. I did get surprise double tent doors and that was very welcome news.


I thought of people who did this when they released their V2 and you seem to have an epic approach. There were some people on here who freaked out and were demanding that GFC “make it right with them.”

That is awesome you got the surprise double doors too.

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Less weight sounds nice on the Tacoma, but the tube frame was one thing that really caught me. I even asked for the window on the passenger side and was denied, so double was extra great. Also got to hit uncrowded Yellowstone when it just opened for day use only and a couple weeks cruising up and around in July.

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Just to clarify for people who didn’t read thread about v2s most people were upset because GFC sent an email saying there would be an upgrade kit for V1s then changed there mind and rescinded it. I don’t think anyone would have been upset or expected anything had GFC not specifically said they could purchase it. Offering something then taking it away makes people “freak out” as you say way more.