Repair of internal tent tie off's!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to pass this along in case others have this issue in the future…

I recently purchased my GFC used (I think I’m the 3rd owner) and one of the bungee cord internal tent tie off’s had fallen off. It’s been annoying me that it had failed and I couldn’t use a bungee to help draw in the tent as it collapses.

Anyway, some emails to GFC support were fired off and they were quick to reply and eager to help fix at no cost if I could remove my tent and mail in to them. Unfortunately, they requested I pay for the “ship to” portion of the shipping cost. Would prob have cost me $50-75 in just postage due to the size/weight of the box. The cost and downtime were a bummer for me so I was looking for alternate solutions.

Luckily, I knew of Tom ( who used to work for GFC and who’s now living/working locally to me. He’s familiar with the issue and could fix this for me in <1 hr. At the time, Tom also repaired some smaller nuisance issue for me (replaced some damaged button snaps, re-sewed elastic on one set of my sheets that had broken, etc.).

This tie off anchor issue seems to be a known problem for GFC on the earlier tents. I’m told the fix at this point is similar to what you see here and to sew the anchors into the tent fabric directly.

Thank you GFC + Tom for the support and the fix!!

The initial problem:

Tom at work in West Oakland!

The fixes completed, quickly and easily. Truck is happy yet again :wink:


Any up close shots of the snap replacements/fixes? I have two on my 1st Gen tent material that would be nice to have fixed

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No, he replaced them with the exact same type. You just drill out the canvas side snap and then install a new one with the appropriate snap rivet tool.

I’m sure any boat or vinyl shop could do this for you for $10 and 5 mins of work if you don’t own any of the correct tools. This is assuming the damaged part is the female side, not the male, metal mounted side?

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I have actual tears AROUND the snaps, the snaps themselves are fine. I suspect cutting it out and patching in new material would be the only way to save it

In that case, you should have GFC warranty repair yours. Have you inquired?

Yeah I got a version 2, but wanted to keep the version 1 for the worst of weather

If the tent is already removed, anyone decent sewer could repair quickly.