Repairing third brake light

Hey hey,

From previous posts you may have seen my 3rd brake light didn’t survive the first trip. Which is fine because I’m going to be wiring it up with a dome light similar to how my leer canopy was. Since it’s pre-wired in the truck for that already with a 3wire flat connector.

Anyways, anyone know how to get that interior grommet off? Or is it just heat shrieked over a plastic cap?

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure as I don’t have my camper anymore, but often if you remove the crews on the outside and pull the lens the wires can come free. Just guessing though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I popped out the Allen bolts, but it’s suspiciously stiff to pull on. And I haven’t had the best of luck as of late; so I thought I would stop before I broke it more LOL.

Maybe I’ll give it another shot when I have more daylight. Maybe take a look at the brand and see if I can’t find the exact one online for some beta.

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Found the exact model they use on this other thread:

So my guess is that is heat shrink around that plastic lip and once I cut that off, I should be able to pop the light out. Solder on my wiring, add new heat shrink, then I’m off to the races….

I should really be looking for practicums instead of playing with my toys though LOL

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Made progress, 100% just heat shrink holding it on.

Re-soldered new wiring with a feed my utv dome light that’s coming. Everything works great so far. I replaced the crap silicone job with some butyl.