Roof Fan for Sale


Don’t ask me how but I have an extra roof fan. I reached out to them about a part I broke while I was disassembling it and instead of answering my question or selling me a part, they just sent me a full fan replacement.

The only thing this doesn’t include that the original did was a interior trim piece and a few screws… I was not able to use either the trim piece OR the original hardware as I had to use stainless nuts and bolts and the roof material is too thin to use the trim piece provided - it flares out and when you cut it to fit the 1/2" thick roof material, the flare is in the way and the trim piece is too large for the slots it is meant to go into. i had 3d printed some trim pieces for this and it worked but i recently had to remove those and like proper 3d printed parts, they all broke and instead of spending another 100 hours printing a replacement set, going a different direction. BIG plans… anyways, don’t sleep on this offer!

Anyways - my fan is kicking ass and taking names and I don’t really need to add a second one - you make me an offer and cover shipping and it’s yours.

This is what I originally purchased for reference:

BUMPing this - it’s a great deal folks!