RTT platform camper for Jeep Gladiator for sale

  • Item Description/ Condition: I just got this in October of 2022, it’s been camped in by just myself for about 10 times while I was trying to work and camp. I had to put camping on hold because this didn’t work out for me to work in. My computer set up took too much room. The camper and RTT are in great condition nothing broken and everything works like the day I got it.

I am selling for $6700.00 OBO

  • Why I’m Selling: I bought to travel across country and work from the camper but soon found out the set up doesn’t work for both. I just bought a RV camper to work from so do not want both.

  • Location: I am currently in Huntsville Texas, I will be in near Forth Worth Texas for the summer. I am willing to meet half way depending on the distance.

You can email me if interested at epagan136@yahoo.com or on this platform.

Definitely interested but I’m all the way over in CA. Not sure how we could work that out.

If you are willing to pay what I am asking in cash upon delivery I can bring it to you. What part of California are you in? I have family there, so going there will not be an issue but I would need to set up a day to travel there with my job.

Sent you an email.

I live near San Francisco.