Selling my deposit

Looking to sell my spot #2819, no final selections have been made, just the initial $500 deposit. Going with a different set-up.

I am interested. When I search your spot # it says options have been chosen? Or am I not looking at it right? Thanks

I am selling mine, no options have been finalized or paid for

I filled out the initial form, but nothing has been set in stone, nothing has been paid for aside from the deposit. I believe it was the next day that I texted Thomas and let him know that I had concerns about what I read on the forum regarding leaking and that I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for me. He responded that he felt they would have the issue resolved before my install date but understood if I wanted to sell it and told me to to list my deposit on here and then give him the name of the buyer.

have you sold your spot yet? If not I’d be interested in it.

Mine is still available.

Did you receive a spot # that I could check on and how much could i buy your spot for?

The spot number is in the original post above. Someone said that options have been selected, but that’s not correct I have only submitted the $500 deposit and filled out the initial form. No options have been solidified or paid for.

I have not sold my spot yet… It is still available

Andrew, open your own thread to sell your spot.

I’m selling my spot (#2844). I’ve only paid the $500 deposit. All options are still alterable.

Good morning Ruthie,

I am just checking with the team at GFC to confirm that i could still order a Superlite RTT if I purchase the spot.

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t receive an alert that you responded. Would you still like to purchase my spot? Thank you for your time looking into that issue.

Hey Everyone - Just a friendly reminder that comment sections in the marketplace are meant for the user who created the post and those interested in purchasing the given spot.

If you would like to promote your own build spot for sale, please do so in your own post and check out our Transfer Rules for more guidance. Thanks :call_me_hand:

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Ruthie, I am interested in purchasing a deposit for a Superlite. Is yours still available?