Shadesbro Tacoma - 2023 Lunar Rock DCSB GFC Build

Ordered my Tacoma while I was deployed, spec’d to what I wanted. I have done a few things in the past year. Hope you enjoy.

-MESO Interior Handle Covers
-WeatherTech HP Floor Mats
-JKOVER Center Console Tray
-OCD Center Console Organizer
-OCD Glovebox Organizer
-MESO V2 Domelight
-MESO V2 Map Lights
-Diode Dynamics Vanity LED Lights
-MESO Vent Rings (Black)
-MESO 4x4 Ring (Black)
-MESO Start/Stop Ring (Black)
-MESO Shifter Ring (Black)
-Screenprotech Interior Kit
-Toyota Door Sill Covers
-Tufskinz Cup Holder Inserts (Black)
-Fitcamx Dash Cam (Replacing Soon With Wolfbox)
-VRNCLR Bedding Catch (Black)
-JE Designs StepUp
-JE Designs TentPull
-3D Proto Lab Interior Grab Handle (Black)
-3D Proto Lab Interior Grab Handle (Black)

-GFC Camper (May 16)

  • Side Doors
  • Black Panels/Orange Tent
  • Cabside Panel Window

-GFC Polartec Sheets
-BZ Shop Designs Latch Covers
-BZ Shop Designs Frame Plugs
-Aluminum Gas Cap Holder
-Toyota Tailgate Letters (Black)
-Toyota Side/Back Badge Overlays (Black)
-MESO x Morimoto LED Taillights (Clear Lenses)
-Morimoto LED Bed Ligths
-Morimoto XB LED Turn Signals
-WeatherTech Window Visors
-Morimoto LED License Plate Lights
-Taco Vinyl TRD Pro “Style” Grill

  • Lunar Rock Letters
  • Front Facing Camera Mount
  • TSS Garnish Cover

-JE Designs DripRail
-Shittco Window Prop Kit

Engine Bay:
-Toyota TRD Oil Cap
-Toyota TRD Radiator Cap
-SkoieTech Hood Strut Kit

Camp Items:
-Devos LightRanger 1200 (x2 Setups)

  • Motion Light
  • Filter Kit
  • Power Bank

-EcoFlow Delta Max Generator
-EcoFlow 200W Bifacial Solar Panels
-Hest Pillows (Standard Size)
-Aeronaut Hoverquilt
-WaterPORT 3.85G Tank
-Goal Zero Crush Light Lantern
-Claymore V1040 Fan

AWT Install:

-TerraQuest Offroad Kent 2.0 Bed System (Build In-Progress)
-Wolfbox G900 Rearview Mirror Kit

  • WDR Camera
  • Extended 30ft. Cable
  • OEM Mirror Bracket
  • Dongar Power Adapter (Type A 12-Pin)

-FBCHS 3rd Light Harness Kit
-Cali Raised Cat Shields
-Cali Raised A/C Drain Relocation
-MESO Mirror Puddle Pod Lights
-MESO Puddle Light Switch
-MESO Volume Control Fix Kit
-Protec Wheel Well Splash Guards
-MESO Extended Fuse Cover V2
-Mountain Hatch Tailgate Panel
-Mariner Shower Mat

AWT my deployment return.

MESOxMorimoto Taillights

MESO Door Handles

MESO Map/Dome Lights

MESO Red Push Button/Black Trim

MESO Shifter Black Trim

MESO Black Vent Rings

Tacoma Door Sills

Taco Vinyl Grill With Lunar Rock Letters

Tacoma Black Side Badges/Tailgate

Morimoto LED Bed Lights

Morimoto XB Turn Signals

SokieTech Hood Struts

Toyota TRD Oil Cap/Radiator Cap


Couple pics from hunting

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Sealed the bed up today to prep for my Camper install in a couple weeks.

Still have a few more things to seal up but will do that when the Camper is installed (tailgate area and the 3 holes in the floor bed up front).

Well let’s hope this helps some.

It’s a shame I forgot to get pics of the header, I did that too with the same tape and sealant.

Tip remove the side caps from tailgate to cab you can do this by hand and slowly pop it up.

Butyl Putty Tape (plenty leftover for usage elsewhere)

XFasten Butyl Sealing Tape

Nashua Aqua Seal Tape (1 Roll was just enough for DCSB gen3 Tacoma, but no room for error)
-Don’t pull on it and stretch this once it sticks it’s very tacky.
-I unrolled the length I needed then cut it. Then started at the cab and worked back unrolled the backing gradually as you lay it down. at the back if you leave the backing and press the curve in the back you can use a razor blade to trim to that angle.

Nashua Aqua-Seal Tape

Sikaflex 295 UV Black (used 1/2 a tube)

Sikaflex 295 UV (Black)

Thank you to @Buhlockaye and @GainzGFC for the tips and others who have posted this work for ideas and help.


Did some more bed area sealing today. Still need to install the bed cubby blocks to seal that area (thanks to a FB GFC Group member).

I couldn’t cover the bed hole that’s above the gas tank but I covered the other two from the bottom as well.

Parts Used:

Butyl Putty Tape (used this in a couple places, see below)

XFasten Butyl Sealing Tape Amazon Link

Nashua Aqua Seal Tape (used this for the bed holes and the bed meets the sides)

Nashua Aqua-Seal Tape Amazon Link

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal (if you are super precise you might have enough for it all that I did including rear panel spots. I wish it was 6” more of bulb).

ESI Tailgate Seal Amazon Link

ESI Tailgate Seal Instructions

^I followed this along with adding the seal to the tailgate.


Got the fan to use in the camper as I don’t want to cut up and void warranty on the roof if I can avoid it.

Comes with a tripod or can hang with the loop on the fan upside down which is the plan when sleeping.

Claymore V1040


Looking good!

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Much appreciated!

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Looks good! Hopefully it doesn’t leak too bad for ya!

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Haha agreed i’m sure it will still some.

Glad to have helped! It will help tremendously with intrusion into the bed area.

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Night #1 En Route To Install Day! Badlands, South Dakota.


Night #2 En Route To Install Day! Devils Tower NM, Wyoming.


Install Day: Belgrade, MT


GFC Night #1 (4 of trip): Main Boulder Road Outside of McLeod, MT





GFC Night #2 (5 of trip): Outside of Badlands National Park, SD

Winds were brutal this stay. Sustained 20-30 with gusts of up to 43 for about 3-4 hours. Tent struts did not like that (with facing into the wind).

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Trail side mods.

@jedgar DripRail and StepUp

@Buhlockaye Frame Plugs

VRNCLR Bedding Catch
-Great quality minus the carabiners, upgraded to Black Diamond carabiners.


Well after a 6 day trip to get the camper installed in Belgrade and over 3,000 miles finally home (would rather still be West).


Love how clean and straightforward this is all looking! Congrats on the new GFC.


Thank you so much!!! I need to get that camera setup installed this week! Stoked to show off that mount.

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Got the tent lock installed. Works awesome and looks OEM!!

You just need to trim as you see below. I used a dremel which cut it very easily.


Reese Towpower 7042100 Adjustable Coupler Catch Lock

Reese Hitch Lock Amazon Link


Man the Vernacular bedding catch looks so much better than my Amazon net I use, but damn if his products aren’t double the price they should be lol

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