Shadesbro Tacoma - 2023 Lunar Rock DCSB GFC Build

They are pricey agreed and these come with cheap crappy carabiners too. I upgraded mine.

Wolfbox Camera Install

I will get some more photos of the bed pass through once finished. I will not button up the bed pass through yet as I have to make sure I have clearance for my bed storage setup.


Wolfbox G900 (Comes with WDR Rear Camera)
G900 Kit

Wolfbox Extension Cable
Extension Cable

Wolfbox OEM Mirror Bracket (Model 1) (Tacoma)
Mirror Bracket

Dongar 12-Pin Type A Adapter (Toyota)

Use More Force @Vice_Chief Camera Mount (WDR Camera Only)
Camera Mount

NPT 1/4” Cable Gland
Cable Gland

-Drilling did a pilot hole then used a step bit to slowly cut the opening to size. Be careful as the step bits cut fast.

Step Bit
Step Bits

-Used the grommet under the driver seat as there was already a harness passing through it. Followed the harness frame rail routed all the way into the driver taillight area.

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More Installs:

Few more mods done.


Latch Covers



3D Proto Lab (Panel Handle)

Interior Handle

Shittco Bricks (For Poles)

-Confact him on IG @ shittco

Step22 Pangolin Tool Roll came in handy!


More Parts:

No more dirty feet after rinsing off or if I’m changing outside the truck :call_me_hand:t3:.

Also fan that I’ll be using for in the tent when sleeping.

Clean Ocean Designs Mariner Mat

Claymore V1040 Rechargeable Fan


GFC Night #3 : Devils Lake State Park, WI


Lots of great memories at Devil’s Lake during college!

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Its a great spot if you go during the week when its not so packed. Its local for me so makes sense and makes you feel like you aren’t in WI.

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Mountain Hatch Panel Install

how do you like those sensors on the Devos?

Took some fiddling with to figure out how sensitive they are on what settings I found sgt best to be max sensitive one lowest time. Now that I got it setup I haven’t had many “ghost” sensing the first night I didn’t have it setup correctly or branches were dripping it or maybe there was a bear at my site.

Srubblades Black Edition Wipers (22”/20”) Install

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UMF Lock Locker Install:

@Vice_Chief (UMF: Use More Force) at it again.


UMF Lock Locker ( Use More Force Lock Locker )

Holds the Reese Latch Lock (“Go To OEM looking Lock”).

Reese Latch Lock


Man, that looks great on your build. Thanks for sharing the installed pics!

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GFC Night #4: Fort Wilkins Historic State Park Cooper Harbor, MI


GFC Night #5: Fort Wilkins Historic State Park Cooper Harbor, MI


How do you like the Genesis? I have been eyeing that upgrade for a while.


First trip with it! Worked great but don’t put the pot lid on the pan :joy:. Don’t ask, good news Jetboil sent me a new one for free.

Did really well, cleans up nicely, you can pretty much get any replacement part if something happens too.

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Josh, they are fantastic. Highly recommend.

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