Show us your truck!

Picked up the camper Friday morning. Great fast install and a cool shop with a bad ass desert truck to look at while you wait. Camped outside of Stanley ID on the way back to Oregon and the camper was even better than I expected.


What unit # are you?

As well as my topper used to. 98% kept out but that 2% sure gets everywhere. And then again it’s the desert and it’s just part of the deal


I bought it from another guy who never ended up going to pick it up. So it was #815

I suppose the important question is how well is dust kept out of the actual tent portion of the camper? My brother and I spent a few months living out of a topper with a drawer/mattress setup and the dust intrusion into the sleeping space was annoying, to say the least.

with the full flooring in place dust should really only be able to get at ‘outside’ portions of the tent / sleeping area. not sure what truck you are in - dust proofing the bed is def a good idea, esp if you are entering from the bed area and climbing up, some ideas in this discussion here (for a tacoma)

Sleeping area has little to no dust other than when I or the dog bring it up when we sleep. Bed of the truck has not had any additions to keep dust out


Glad to hear it! Thank you, both. :call_me_hand:

What kind of truck are you putting it on?
Every truck is different in the preparation for an install.

2019 Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed

Make sure you pay close attention to the right and left corner behind the cab on the bulkhead.

First snow that I had to shovel. I plan to check the tent area after the snow melts to be sure there’s no seepage of water. We’ll see…


Thanks mate! Appreciate the kind words!
If it hadnt been for GFC, this would have become a reality for me! So its all thanks to them!


Great looking setup! I am hoping to get my little one up in the tent soon too!

Stock suspension and leaf pack?

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Thanks. He loves it up there. He thinks that’s his playground.

King 2.5 with Deaver Stage 3 leaf pack.

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Do you think you would have problems with your stock fox suspension with your GFC?

Not necessarily. With the GFC only you would be completely fine. It’s the additional weight one can add to go camping that could make the rear sag a little bit. If you add an extra 100-200 lbs you’re ok, anything north of that and you’ll start noticing it.