SOLD: (Seattle) Gen 2 GFC Camper 3rd Gen Tacoma Access Cab/Long Bed


Gen 2, this has the weatherization upgrades done at the factory.

Has front and rear windows, tent side doors.

Only issue is the brake light doesn’t work.

I’m interested. Will this work with a 2nd gen double cab/long cab Tacoma? I’m in the PNW. What’s your number?

@jjames86 looks like they’re interchangeable, and confirmed by a reply from someone at GFC here: 2nd gen Tacoma to 3rd gen question

Hey man local to you in the area. Very intersted please contact me at 208 416 3355

I am a serious buyer!!! Please reach out to 208 771 9333 sorry about previous phone number going through a switch up between two phones haha.

A few things to add: includes plaid sheets for cushions. I also have a new bulb seal that goes between truck and camper. I also have access to a forklift for easy swap if we meet in Seattle.

Unfortunately using a 3rd gen V2 on a 2nd gen will require replacing the entire rear door which is like $600 from GFC plus shipping. The V1 is a lot easier (less expensive) to make compatible across tacoma generations.

Hello! I’m your northerly neighbor in Bellingham, I’d love to take a look at this this weekend if possible, thanks!

@DityDirtyDog sent you a message, I’m in Anacortes this weekend if you want to meet up!

Still no serious buyers… I’ll drop the price to $7500.

You around the California area anytime soon. I would be interested

@droche messaged you about it.

I’ve had a couple inquiries about travelling to CA… I would be willing to travel as far south as Portland if the buyer can arrange for help to get the camper off my truck. As I mentioned above, I have access to a forklift if done in the Seattle area.

Let me know if you still have the camper. I live in MT, but could make it to Seattle area this weekend. Call/text 406 471 1933

Camper has been sold