stickyTaco's eff cancer build - 2012 Tacoma DCSB



The truck bed spent a decent amount of time loaded up for trips the past 6 months. A spring project is going to be to work on a small cabinet build to hold the water, recovery gear, tools, and electrical bits.

This is how it looks packed for a week long trip we recently took.

A week after the supercharger was installed we took off on a 3 week trip up to Orcas Island, with a bunch of stops on the way out and back.

On that trip we started a routine where we leave breakfast on the fridge for the kids when they climb down from the GFC in the morning. They loved the pastries and we loved the extra 30 minutes of quiet time before they made it to the trailer to wake us up :rofl:

One week after we got back from that trip our fridge in the truck died. I replaced it with an Iceco that opens from the right or left so it can be accessed easily from inside the truck bed, at the tailgate, or from outside the truck with the side panel on the GFC open.

The most recent trip I was able to dial in a hammock setup for locations we don’t have trees.

In October I picked my old car up from my parents…it’s been parked most of the past 10 years and only had 500 miles on the tires that were installed in 2012. This was the first vehicle I purchased so it has some sentimental value and I’ve decided to restore it with an OEM+ style build.

Hauling the seats to get recovered was a reminder that it’s nice to have the bed not built out with permanent cabinets so I can still fit large items back there still. The old Z3 has taken most of my attention off the truck build while I get it prepped for the spring. I’m working on installing a new top while the seats and door cards are with the upholstery shop. Once the interior goes back together I’ll focus on refreshing the nearly 30 year old rubber bits on the suspension.


The Z3 is back together…don’t mind the dirty interior, I’ve been driving it while waiting for the last few trim pieces. The top is done but it hasn’t been back up since March.

The upholstery shop did a nice job on the seats and door cards.

It took some liquid courage to install the new top but I’m happy with how it turned out. I broke the install up over two evenings.

Once the top was done I got to cutting up some NLA parts which is always fun

Fortunately I didn’t screw up and the roll bar fit, with some encouragement…

I also replaced the wood steering wheel with a recovered wheel from a euro early e36 M3…the build date on the wheel was 1 month before my Z3 but it’s from a later model year car.

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On the GFC, I’ve been working on a diesel heater and proper dual battery setup instead of the isolator and old AGM that I have been using.

I put the diesel heater in a Plano box that is large enough for a fuel tank and all the ductwork. I’m using a 5KW heater and will heat the GFC and put trailer with it.

I should be set to test the solar this weekend. I’m working on layout and building the wiring harness currently. The 100ah lithium will be fed through a Renogy 50A MPPT controller by a pair of 100W panels and get an extra boost from the alternator using a dc-dc charger when the truck is running.


Brackets for the first panel cut last night. Working on cutting the second set while the adhesive for the carpet dries.