Suggestions for the v3 tent fabric

Late to the party but @Mike_GFCUSA is there any consideration for adding vents to the top corners of the fabric similar to traditional RTT’s? May help a bit with air circulation and condensation if main door is closed.


@Mike_GFCUSA @GFC_Taylor is there any official word on the new tent design ? my understanding is dual side doors and a different door design? picture ‘stolen’ from facebook page also i like their drink holders…


Damn. I upgraded from v1 to v2 and asked about the dual doors and they told me no. Now they have dual doors and the design is much better in my opinion :frowning: . The lower portion of the tent under the doors looks much better than the original v2. My v2 tent has strips of tent material held in place by velcro that never seems to stay.


That view is dope! @PNW how much did it cost to upgrade the tent material?

It was $750 when I ordered mine months ago.

I am picking up my camper in two weeks. Lol I am going to be ticked if they release the new tent material shortly after getting mine. So it goes.

Where on Facebook did you find the picture? I haven’t seen that posted on GFC’s platform.

there is a page called GoFastCampers Owners

I agree. I don’t really like the little flap at the bottom of the big windows. Is this actually a thing they are putting on new tents or just something special for one of the IG models…


Hey y’all,

I’m about to send out an email with this info, but here’s a quick statement on the updated tent design:

Our fabric team has been hard at work making some changes to the tent fabric for our RTTs and Campers.

Why change something that’s already so good?
With demand for our products constantly on the rise (thanks to our awesome customers), we needed a tent that could be sewn up faster than the previous design.

What’s changed?
Not that much has changed with the updated design. We’re still utilizing the same durable yet packable fabric, and it’s still made right here in the US of A. We’ve eliminated the velcro skirt that keeps the elements out of our previous design by utilizing a continuous curved zipper, modified the webbing that is used to hold the doors up in the open position, and oh yeah… we added an option for doors on both sides of the tent.

Who gets the new fabric?
This fabric is currently in production for all of our tents and RTTs. If your camper is in production and you requested a side door, you’re getting two! If you’re interested in changing your order to include side doors, fire an email off to and our team can discuss change requests with you.

What if I want a fabric upgrade for my tent?
Our fabric team is working hard to get ahead of production so we can accommodate upgrade orders for tents, but at this time we are not taking orders for upgrades. If you currently have a GFC setup and would like to upgrade your tent to include two side doors, send your friends at an email and so we can give you a buzz when we’re ready to take upgrade orders. The team is really working to get ahead, and your patience is greatly appreciated.


@GFC_Taylor I sent you an email in reference to my #611 camper. My camper just finished last week. I did choose the side tent door option. Will I have the new material?

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For future camper/RTT will it be one cost to get both doors or individual cost for each door.

Great news! Any plans for clear windows on the tent? With those big doors, it’s be great to have clear windows near the front for those rainy days.

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Email sent. Been waiting on this for quite some time now. Thanks for the update!

The email I got back from Taylor was that if you purchased one door you will “be grandfathered in to the double door design”.

It will be two or non just as it used to be one or none. So if you choose a side door in the future (or are in current production as Taylor said) you will get two doors.


Hey guys,

Happy to answer these questions. Hit our email if you haven’t already for specifics on your build.

@anon72572904 You made the cut!

@NateW Options for future builds will be either no doors or both side doors (we’re going to keep the pricing on this option as affordable as possible). RTTs will come standard with all of the doors.

@AdventureTim I’m not totally sure what you mean by “clear windows”, but each door is equipped with an independent screen so you can keep your doors open but keep your screen closed.

@86pnthr Email received! We’ll get you back later today!


Awesome! Thanks for taking care of me. Just another example of GFC’s great customer service :slight_smile:


I think they mean a clear plastic window which would allow light in but keep the elements out.


The clear plastic would definitely take a step backwards in terms of closing the tent with ease. While we continue to improve everything on the campers we definitely strive to keep them as easy to use as possible. Though that would be an interesting addition.

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