SuperLite Update

My interpretation of that reply is that the person is asking if the original Superlite is in production which the answer would be no. Hopefully they are still working on it because I dont want to pay double for a 2nd hand one lol. Hurry it up GFC

They are supposedly being manufactured, just not in the states anymore is what I read from a FB post. How true that is, not sure…

That would be interesting play given that the intent was to bring it in-house and made domestically. My thinking there would be that the cost would creep up closer to the RTT and at that point, the differentiation would be squarely about the weight savings. All of the things I’d like to improve about our Superlite are answered by the RTT mostly outside of weight.

But: if they were to produce it abroad, and improve some of the smaller bits while keeping the price as low as it originally was, it’d have a market no doubt.

I love the thing even though I’d love to see improvements because the benefits far outweigh the cons for our current needs (having to take it on and off to fit in our garage, we use our rig as a daily, etc). I’d prefer the RTT, but the Superlite addresses so many of the normal concerns that platform campers and RTT owners have with theirs (condensation is tackled by the tent fabric being everywhere, and the design of the windows and flaps I much prefer over the RTT, at least on the sides).

Still hoping to see a V2 just to see what they’d change.

If true, I wonder what that would really be? The panels are the same honeycomb ones as on the camper/RTT, and the fabric was produced abroad. I’m not sure where the poles come from. Outside of those three main parts, it sounds like it’d just be producing the original run, unless they found a panel supplier abroad that was even lighter, or found a cost-effective way to get rid of the poles and do light struts to make it easier to open (which is my number one wish).

Inspired Overland has a couple tents in the same style as the Superlite, in two different sizes. Both of which have gas struts. They are currently on sale for $900 - $1100 + shipping. The only feature they don’t seem to have that’s on the GFC SL is the tent being expandable to bedding left in. They just started taking pre-orders for their next version which will have a carbon fiber panels wrapped in an aluminum frame. It will weigh 80lbs. and cost $2200 shipped. They were planning to take pre-orders until 11/30, but had to cut them off yesterday because they had received too much demand. Hoping GFC is looking to offer something similar, or stay around the $1500 price. This could be in part why they’ve decided to take production back overseas (if true). To stay competitive in price.