Tent Insulation - DIY Journey Post

The bad sewing messed with my OCD enough that I pulled all that stitching and redid it… haha

Still waiting on the fulfillment of my latest order to finish the other panels - then its velcro time and we are done.


Update - just got back from a back country skiing hut trip in Wallowas in eastern Oregon… picked up my last materials this afternoon and hoping to be done today/tomorrow with the project.


Awesome! I think a buddy of mine is guiding and forecasting out that way right now :metal:. That’s a sick Yurt set up!


Dude this is sick!! Looks super clean too


Last night while I was trying to work on this, I had that moment where I realized I was just simply too tired from a really long weekend for focus and dexterity. Watched a little TV instead but today I fully finished the top panel I started yesterday and attached with velcro to the camper. Started adding velcro to the side panels - but still need to finish trimming them (ran out as I only bought enough to make sure it would work). Should have all the velcro installed today and will have the final panel assembled as well. Looking more like tomorrow for a fully finished product but functional today :wink:

All sides are 2" longer than the tent area to tuck into the cushions to help keep it tidy and in place.


White adhesive backed velcro on roof

First side panel installed (just velcros right to the ceiling panel for attachment)


Looks great, very nice work.

All panels made - couldn’t source the remaining velcro this evening but order is placed.

Other things to do in design:

  • add strips of 20g clear vinyl where lights are on roof
  • velcro flap over light control buttons
  • velcro flap over roof storage bag
  • velcro access to doors of tent

final plans all laid out as follows:

Plans for sale…


Congratulations, Phil! Looks like a great DIY project has come to fruition.


Damn, I guess I need to get on mine. Looks great! Curious to see your experience with it.

Looks fantastic, well done

maybe a couple loops to hang flashlights/stuff? Great job Looks warmer for sure. can’t wait for “testing” results

That’s a nice, compact .zip file you have created. Someone is sure to get a great deal on that one!



Just as daylight was started to wane, I had the final velcro and sunbrella bias tape installed. I hung the roof first, then back door panel, then the two side panels one at a time. Everything is attached with velcro minus the bottoms - those are all long enough to tuck between the cushions and the tent body.

First impressions - it is definitely sound deadened… and while I have no scientific test to conduct, seems like it will help quite a bit. That said - it almost completely blacks out the interior. This is a good and bad thing. Good - I like dark for sleeping. Bad - can’t see shit… even with my lights on they are on the back side of the insulation.

Here are photos taken with the flash on…

The lack of light really bugged me, so you know me… had to fix it. Added vinyl windows for the LED strips. Will probably do some more customization of these panels over time as well…

All you need to do this project is a boatload of patience, a sewing machine, a few hundred bucks, and wayyy more velcro than you ever thought you would ever own.



What an amazing job! Great work man, was appreciating your patience, dedication and commitment with @WrinkledPants today. Stoked to hear how well it performs in the cold.


@the_philxx this is rad! Really nice work!

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It really does get super dark inside! Great work, Phil!!!

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That’s awesome! I finally picked up a sewing machine yesterday, so I’ll get started one of these days. :joy:

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Ever get started on this? Curious to see other takes on doing similar

Oof. I did not. :joy: Work, going back to school and a new dog have been keeping me busy. It’s also been above 80° for the past month, so my motivation is basically non-existent right now. Might be a good bit before I tackle this, but I have everything I need.