Tent leaking separating from base?

Hey guys I just picked up a used GFC and on my drive home it was pouring rain and when I opened the tent it was wet on the inside. I noticed that around the back edge the tent part has separated a little from the base probably where the water is coming from. How does the tent attach to the base? Thanks for any info

is it a V1 or V2? that makes all the difference

Sorry good point it’s a V2

Pictures are also super helpful. Sounds like the Keeder core has pulled back or something. Does it have the Weatherizing update? Is there anything being stored up top? Are all the cushions in?

So many questions…:smiley:

Yeah I’ll have to take a photo tomorrow all the cushions are up there but nothing being stored in the camper at this time. But the previous owner may have had stuff stored up there


I had a similar issue where in the passenger side hinge corner, the stitching had popped just enough that the tension of the open tent pulled the keeder cord back creating a quarter sized hole in the corner of the tent. Surprising how much water found its way in through that hole over a 2-day rain storm even when it’s closed up. Easy enough to use a rope to keep the tent half open while leaving enough slack in the tent to pull the tent back tight in the corner and running some heavy duty stitching through it. Maybe something similar would work for you?

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Yup, the Keeder core as slipped somehow. I would reach out to GFC and put in a service request. They will have some tips, you may be able to pull the tent half shut to loosen the fabric. Then try to manipulate that core back into place. Also, note that the GZILLA rain fly clips can also pose a problem if left on. Make sure you are taking care to ensure they’re not pinched in the tent making a gap.

Is there a weather seal on the upper portion of the clamshell? If not, during that same service request, add in the weatherization kit. But…judging by the plunger to unlatch the lock, it should’ve come with this stock.

Another thing to take care of, is make sure the front windows are open a bit, but also tucked in. Having them loose will allow water on the outside of the tent to come in when you open it. Plain ole physics.


How can I access the keeder core to try and push it back through?

I would check the front corner and see if you can see it. If you can, you might be able to push it back in. Or you can try the ole lost your string in your hoody trick. Use a needle to try and push it backward, using patience.

Remember this all needs to be done with the tension on the tent released; which is awkward.


Thanks I’ll give that a shot I have someone that can hold the tent at half lift to keep the tension off it