V1 GFC 2000 - 2006 Tundra Access Cab

Price drop!

Hello All - I am reposting this (again) due to buyer backing out. Make you a package deal and your build will be on it’s way! Hit me up for any further info or pictures. This entire setup has been on my truck for about 1.5 years and everything works perfectly. I bought everything brand new and have all receipts. In Tennessee at the moment and will be in Florida 2022. If you’re out West (Colorado or Montana especially) hit me up and we can talk about delivery options.

Thanks for looking,

Ben Gardner

GFC V1 - $7500 (includes 2x beef rack bars, 2x 90 deg brackets, ladder, ARB awning)

Dometic CFX-65W - $500

Lifeline AGM 12V battery - $300

SPOD Universal 6-switch lighted panel - $400

4x Wavian 5 gal water jugs - $50 each

Battery disconnect and 00AWG battery wire that will fit your new truck perfectly and make the entire install a snap - FREE with above package deal ($300 value)

I have the updated tent fabric, 2" mattress (which is the better one, firmer foam) and the legacy hinges installed. All updates complete and the thing is super clean. I’d like to get this sold before the New Year, ready to accept reasonable offers!

Pricing lowered, travel plans confirmed - I will be in Western Colorado DEC 5 - 18 (passing thru Denver area in that timeframe). Each item listed is cash price on individual item, I’ll sell all of it for $7500 as a package.

GFC V1 - $6800 (includes 2x beef rack bars, 2x 90 deg brackets, ladder, ARB awning, updated hinges, newer tent material)

Dometic CFX-65W - $400

Lifeline AGM 12V battery - $200

SPOD Universal 6-switch lighted panel - $250

2x Wavian 5 gal water jugs - $50

Hello everyone!

I’ll take $6500 for the whole package if buyer can meet me in Colorado before Christmas.

I’ll take $5500 for the GFC

If only it fit a Tacoma. :frowning:

Seeing if you’re still selling and available?

I am assuming this is sold… if not let me know, I am in Montana!


Hello ALL! Update and refresh on this thread…GFC still for sale.

*ad is for camper only. Will accept offers on truck as a package, inquire thru DM.

GoFastCamper V.1 on a 2003 Toyota Tundra Access cab (I believe it will fit the double cab model as well).

Upgraded to the heavier duty tent material of V.2 as well as the updated hinges are replaced. Has the super comfortable 2" foam mattress option. All clean, no rips/stains/tears/smells.

Comes with 2x beef rack crossbar, as well as a steel rooftop basket (currently uninstalled). Also two 90 degree mounts and two universal mounts (for tools, awnings, jack, etc…)

I am located near Crystal River, Florida. Willing to negotiate fee for delivery as far North as Knoxville, TN, Atlanta, GA, or Asheville, NC.

Updated photos soon…





Hey I might be interested,

I’ve been looking for one of these for my 00’ tundra, that or build my own. Saving this to read all the info later.

Darn I saw delivery options in Colorado and Montana in the first post, then figured out you’re in Florida. Nevermind that’s out of my range