Water Intrusion

Anyone else had any issues with water coming in from the from the front Dzus fasteners? Was driving in pretty heavy rain this weekend and noticed I had a lot of water coming in from them.

Any solutions if you have?

A few drips through those fasteners in heavy rain for me. Nothing I’m concerned with.

Gotcha, yeah I got quite a bit. It was pooling between the tubing and panel.

Not something I’m super concerned with either but would rather have as little in there as possible.

I have had water leaking in there as well. Sucks. I spoke to Mike at gfc about it and he said he would try and do something on the PIT tour but now that’s been postponed. I was thinking maybe some type of rubber washer would seal it off a little better but haven’t tried anything yet.

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toss some silicone or rtv up there?

Interesting, I have new leaks since my GFC came back from the shop, but not on those bad boys. I would think some silicone would help, I’ve only taken them off once to clean the window (once, bc it was a real bitch to get it back on).

Yeah that’s probably what I’ll do. Chuck some silicone on the outside under the bolt head.

Thanks y’all!

With them talking about something on the PIT, is it safe to assume that new units (in production now) have said fix in place?

Not sure, would be better to ask someone with a fresh off the line unit.

@Kwood 's picture is exactly the same thing I’m experiencing so I’d assume if the new units do have a fix there’d be some kind of seal between the bolt and panel on the outside.

It is my understanding that the water intrusion I am experiencing and @Tacodilesupreme has as well is somewhat random and isolated or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

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I’m sure you can add a rubber or neoprene washer to the dzus bolts. Motorcycle panniers have used those for years to seal out water, the dzus is on the inside of the pannier with a very thin washer and it’s 100% water tight.

They sell the washers at every hardware store.

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Not a bad idea either. Thanks man!

Build 564. I’m getting more water inside than I’d like definitely leaking at the bolts, and also seems to be seeping in between the bed and the camper where they had hoped the weather stripping would keep things dry. I’m not thrilled, and seeking solutions. I’m only being allowed to post one photo, but I have others.

I saw your other pictures on FB and commented on some of the things from this thread. Have you implemented any of the ideas from there yet?

Not yet, I have some weather stripping tape on order. Someone there asked me to post in the Forum too, so I did. Although it seems a bit redundant.

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