We're starting a podcast!

Hey y’all,

Taylor here at Go Fast. I’ll be recording the first episode of our new podcast “You’re Really Out There” this evening. I’ll be speaking with Scott over at Deaver Springs and Richard from Desk to Glory. We’ll be opening up our phone line from 5:30PM MDT to 6:00PM MDT and we want y’all to call in with questions!

Here’s the phone number: (406) 624-9667‬

If you don’t get through on your first call, you can leave a voicemail. I’ll try to answer everyone’s questions on the air!


Where can we listen to the podcast?

It’ll be released on streaming platforms once I’ve finished editing it after recording. You can call in live, but you won’t be able to listen to it until after the fact. I will be streaming live on instagram during the call in period though.

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Any updates on this?

Episode 1 is done and we’re waiting on Apple Podcasts to process it (should be soon). You might be able to find it on Spotify now though…I think they’re processing moves a bit faster.

Episode 2 is in the works, and I’ll be handling calls a little bit differently. I’ll make a separate post once I have the date and time locked down, but instead of taking calls live, I’ll be making them. Once we’re ready to announce, I’ll send out a link where you can sign up. All I’ll need is your name and number, no need to submit your question ahead of time (although you can if you want to).


It’s here!

You can listen to episode one on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here.

I’ll be posting later today with some info on how to sign up to get on the next episode, so stay tuned! I hope y’all like it!


I liked it. Hope you keep doing more.
Leave the echo effect in episode 1 though, haha.


Podcast are all about great audio, once you can pip-point good solid audio equipment it makes for a more enjoyable listening experience. There is plenty of good content available and people to interview. The podcasts I have trouble listing to is the one man band, there needs to be a two person or more dialog with one person as the moderator to keep the flow and fun going!

For the first go around I rather enjoyed it but yes leave the echo out. I am biased however as I run Deaver leaf springs!!!