What to look for when taking delivery

As I patiently wait to take delivery of my unit (2533) I’m reading as much as I can on this great forum. I’m seeing some issues from various owners. How about a thread dedicated to lessons learned from those that have taken delivery. What should we look especially close at when taking delivery? What should we check and double check once install is complete? I reckon there’s several specific things, based on what I’m reading, that seem to be recurring issues. Anyway I know I’d appreciate current owners feedback and advice. Cheers in advance!


Lock and unlock every lock.
Check the silicone/seals in all the corners.
Enjoy it!

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To add, don’t stress much. Most fixes are easy and not a big deal.


Pop the tent and check for light coming through the corners of the fabric.

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What do you do if it does? Mine does, I just noticed it

If the gap is primarily on one side you can adjust it per the below thread. If it’s on both sides I wouldn’t worry about it too much if you haven’t had any issues thus far. Would just be nice to address when you are at the shop already. I had emailed them about solutions for those of us with holes on both sides but they never got back to me. To be fair, I have only had a wet mattress one time and I was parked nose down (camper closed, no issues with the tent up) in a crazy WA rainstorm. Since then I’ve been parking level I haven’t had any issues.

make sure the screws holding the frame together are tight. there have been a couple reports including mine. i believe it was 1/4" allen key

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