White glove delivery effectively unavailable East of Rockies

We were so excited for a GFC camper that we sold our Prius and bought a Tacoma (or at least started making payments on one)! Our home state of North Carolina offers a multitude of great outdoor recreation options, including the Blue Ridge Mountains and East Coast.

When we made our deposit, “East of the Rockies White Glove Delivery” was offered for $800-1200 and 4-12 weeks with a possible fuel surcharge increase at time of delivery. A trek across the country to Montana sounded amazing but was simply not a possibility for us.

Now that we have paid in full for the camper and are ready to schedule delivery, GFC stated the price has increased to $2,000 AND 4-6 months, possibly longer unless we can drive halfway to Montana. Alternatively, they gave an expensive* freight delivery estimate 50% higher ($2,800) that would require heavy lifting and/or forklift.

*Side note, we received quotes to ship OUR ENTIRE TRUCK on a car hauler all the way to Belgrade, MT for $1,200.

GFC customer support was apologetic, stating this is because most people are choosing to pick up their campers rather than delivery. Now we’re stuck with the decision to either give up on the GFC adventure and beg for a refund or find an alternative delivery method that doesn’t require organ donation.

So my reason for posting to the forum is to:

  1. make sure others know that the delivery service offered may not be realistic or available, and

  2. to see if the forum has any ideas about this or if there are others out there in our position that we could arrange delivery with through U-ship or some type of expediter or transport service.

I think you may have forgot the easiest solution which would be to sell your camper on this forum. You could probably sell it for a profit.

Give up on the dream? It’s a good point, but we’re still hoping to make this happen. Plus, then what will we do with a Tacoma?

ship your truck one way and fly in to Belgrade and have an awesome trip back home seeing some incredible country. I guess you could ship your truck to Belgrade and pay meals and gas to someone to drive it back for you and then fly them back.


That was our original plan! (hence getting the truck shipping quote). Enter: baby. Now our trips are limited to a few hours and certainly want to avoid the airport with kids right now.

Oh, and I’ve seen the way some of you drive your trucks :smirk:

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Can you just arrange shipping yourself? I’d assume GFC has a decent rate, but it does include install in that price. Maybe you could find a more affordable option than just install on your own? It is easy with a few friends.

Possibly. I’ve been scoping the internet a bit- do you have any recommendations?

Have used https://www.freightquote.com/ to ship sea kayaks for fairly cheap but it was years ago.


I don’t know how you East Coasters do it. I’m 15 hours away paid a whole lot less but I was still on the fence about it. Good luck on that dream.

There is of course a whole spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts East of the Rockies with varying abilities to take on financial risk. What you state is the heart of the matter- doubling a budgeted shipping cost and time frame can be exasperating. But hopefully we’ll see some more ideas emerge on this thread for those who are, or will be, in a similar situation.

When is your expected build date? I am in New York and am in a similar position (have a baby and far from MT) I was told white glove would be based on people buying campers in the area. I just put my deposit down a few weeks ago, so I guess February for me.

I’m in the same boat, but in Canada. I tried U-Ship, but the first few offers were a little higher than I had hoped. I had a friend lined up to drive it up, but I needed to pay his fuel, trailer rental, COVID tests…then he dropped a bomb that CBSA has a file on him and gives him a hard time. I didn’t want to take the risk…

Long story longer…I found a company up here called ShipCanada. So far the quote is for $790US + getting a Customs broker for $60 Canadian. That rate is to ship it from Belgrade to the central interior of British Columbia. Yeah, it’s going to suck trying to herd cats (my friends) to help lift the camper off the shipping truck. But, in reality, by the time I would’ve driven down to Belgrade (had the border been open) it would’ve only been a few hundred dollars cheaper.

As it stands, I’m hoping to have my camper picked up on Thursday. Although I’m not having it crated because it’s $1100US to do that. So I’m going to roll the dice and hope to hell the courier does their job.

I have faith that you’ll be able to find a courier that will offer a decent rate. UShip wasn’t terrible, but I was a fan of ‘shipping wars’ and saw what happened to some shipments :wink:


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I had mine freight delivered to MD, something came up keeping me from making the drive at the time. Had it delivered to a local shop with a forklift then onto a trailer I towed to a friends house. 4 of us then installed. A pretty large chunk of the shipping estimate was also GFC’s crate cost, I believe $800. The actual shipping was like 1600, so yes $2400 for me. I would do what you can to get your GFC, it has been totally worth it.

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They haven’t given a specific date yet, but sometime next month.

Don’t let your little ones slow you down! It never slowed us down. Y’all just gotta travel a little differently and slower. I’m sure you know this. If it were me, I would throw caution to the wind and either drive out and back with the fam, taking my time along the way, or ship the truck, fly out and drive it home. A one-way ticket to Bozeman and fuel getting back to the East Coast would be a lot less expensive than shipping the camper back east. Just my take. Good luck whatever you decide.

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Road trips with the family, especially really little ones in tow, are always unforgettable adventures. just do it. Put your build on hold if you can, and plan it out. That’s only a 3 day trip each way. No biggy. Don’t forget they grow up fast and you will wish you took the trip

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I think I will look into the option of shipping the truck there and taking a one way flight with family and driving home. Sounds like it would be a cool trip

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Seems like the way to go if it works for your family! We used Motor Car Trans (https://motorcartrans.com/lp/auto-shipping-quotes) to get various quotes, with open transport being significantly lower. It takes 2-3 weeks for all of the quotes to roll in.

Word of caution: inputing your contact info on this site will be similar to giving your contact info to a car dealer, so perhaps create a separate email!

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I can see how this has made the experience frustrating. Hopefully it all comes together for you.

At the defense of GFC… I work in sales for a decently large CPG company. The amount of inflation that has occurred in freight, shipping, labor shortages, etc… Has absolutely skyrocketed this year. To a point where it would have been very difficult for a small manufacturer like GFC to foresee the increase, but also eat the cost.