White glove delivery effectively unavailable East of Rockies

Frankly, I’m on board with GFC.

They construct all they can in the US, pay their employees livable wages, and have been quite nice and helpful. Not to mention building an online forum where we can advise each other and modify or build on their product so it suits us best (pay attention Apple).

So I’m not intending to complain but rather lay out my challenge that others may also encounter, to which many people have already contributed good ideas.

And hopefully this pandemic craziness settles down soon.:crossed_fingers:

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I’m in MI and have a camper for sale. Short bed fits Colorado or 2nd/3rd gen Tacomas. A lot closer than Montana!

I have a long bed, thanks!

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We are Connecticut based, and can schedule delivery for an F150 GFC camper in November/December.
I would like to fly out, and have the F150 shipped, and drive it home.
I’m getting quotes for $2,000 to ship the F150 CT to MT….
White Glove would also be a great option if available.

You’re in a tough spot.
I just paid my invoice today and I’ve made the decision to drive out from Massachusetts. Whether I return home or not is another story lol


What I’ve learned:
Crate + GFC camper weigh approx 800lbs and crate costs approx $800
Freight shipment of 800lb crate = $2,000+
Total freight shipping estimate from GFC (as I reported in beginning of thread) = $2,800.

Pallet shipping is MUCH cheaper
GFC camper (standard) dimensions are: 108"x75"x45" @280lbs

What I’m wondering:
Could the GFC simply be placed upside down on a large pallet, panels removed, and corners wrapped with cardboard/plastic? Shipping this way would likely cost half of the “crated” version via many different LTL carriers.

I just had mine picked up to be shipped to Canada and opted not to crate it. I was told the dimensions were 108x76 (wasn’t told a height) but guesstimated 36”, and was told just less than 400lbs.

So far the cost has been just under $1000US, but we’ll see the final tally when we get it here. The distance is 1500kms.

I think the crate is overkill, but we’ll see if I made the right choice when the camper gets here. But, it was $100 for full insurance…so that’s a no brainer, if they fuck it up, it’s on them. Sucks for me, but at least it gives piece of mind.

That being said, if Canadians were allowed to drive down to the US, I’d be settling into camp in Belgrade right now for my OG install first thing tomorrow morning. I too have kids, but driving would’ve been way less stressful than shipping it, even with kids! :joy:


Rancho - Nice! I’m not sure how many GFC Campers are in New England.
I decided to ship F150 (with bikes and camping gear in bed) from CT to MT - shipping quotes range from $1,450 - $2700. I figure gas is $750 one way drive, so if the $1,450 quote is real, that’s $700 net and no wear and tear or 35 hours of driving for drive out west. The flight from Hartford to Bozeman is like nothing frequent flier miles.
Fly in, Pickup GFC later that day, and take 5 days to drive back to east coast, camping/biking along the way…
This is mid November…
My wife thinks this is all crazy, but she will love this thing as the kids will!!


Sounds like an amazing trip you got planned there! You made the right choice, I know I’m not the only one here that will say my trip out to Bozeman to get my GFC was a unforgettable adventure we will always cherish

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My install date is set for Nov 12th, Now you’ve got me thinking about shipping it out even though I want to drive out. I’m already concerned about my truck after lifting it it’s got a couple vibrations I don’t like.
Could you send me the info you got for shipping?

I’ll be up on the 12th as well for install. Looking forward to the trip.

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Where are you coming from?

Much shorter trip than you all, heading up from Denver.

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Same thing happened to me after lifting my truck. 2" suspension lift on a 2012 tacoma. I get a vibration or “wheel hop” from the front end when accelerating from a stop. Specifically between 5-10 mph. I installed a clam shell bearing, didn’t help. Then a drive shaft drop kit, still no help. My mechanic doesn’t know what to do so I’m still trying to figure it out. My hunch is that its coming from the drive shaft due to changing the drive shaft geometry from the lift. Let me know if you figure it out and I’ll do the same! I’m still going to drive out for my GFC install next week.

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Have searched in Tacoma world? Lots of info and helpful people there.

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Yes, I found a couple of solutions , gonna talk to my shop today to see what they think.

Sounds fine to me. I just bought an F150 and shipped it to Australia via the Panama Canal.
Also bought a GFC which is will be out here for the Aussie Summer to go onto my build for our round Australia Trip. Shipping stuff for adventures is well worth it in my book. Done it a few times.


Rancho, Sorry I missed your response - new to the forum and I don’t get notifications but shpuld probably cahnge that. The cheapest was 1,400 - see attached contact info. Problem is all the quotes under 2,500 are brokers so not sure

if its reliable…
this quote is west hartford connecticut to bozeman…

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Check out my build post for my shipping experience. At this point Calder had indicated that they will no longer ship without crating the unit. So tack another $1200 and 300lbs in material to your shipping thoughts.

If you decide to have the unit shipped, I strongly encourage getting full replacement value insurance. I’m 4 weeks in, and still dealing with insurance and GFC on this. To me it seems like they just threw it on the pallet, threw the boxes in and said ‘here you go, you’re on your own’.

I’m curious whether anyone has any updates on their experiences shipping the camper or their truck.

I’m about two weeks out from install day and more than likely making a very long solo drive… at least I have some intriguing audio books queued up.

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