Wind flap and loose tent?

Hi Chuck
? What diameter did you use PEX

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1/2” I think - it was the only size that was anywhere close to what looked like a good fit.


Great for dust protection whilst at camp too!

QQQ hahahaha i love my QQQ - although making a nice point to not look at any of that lately.

great fix. mine blows closed on me all the time.

If I parked the wedge into the wind it would slam closed with me in it. Turned out to be a blown strut out of the box from the get go. I was really mad at first as I was having all kinds of issues and was just going to sell it and call the camper a POS. Calder reached out from GFC and replaced all the parts I was having issues with. He saved my opinion and I am really loving it now.


Is this normal? I started a new topic but it seems to have disappeared

Yeah mine is like that, and a little more slack on the bottom edge as well. I just try to ignore it, sometimes it makes closing the zipper bind up a bit.

I recently ripped my tent mesh. I was happy to have this slack in order to perform a clean sewing repair.

I appreciate the idea and will more than likely end up doing that. Part of the appeal of the gfc for me was ease of set up. Having to go around and do this, even though it probably only takes a minute, is very annoying. Then if you want to open the door, you have to take them off.

We are definitely in the same club.

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I looked more into this, this past weekend and determined my flapping was the door flaps touching the screen. Since they are both somewhat firm material, they make a sound. I ended up rolling up the screens while leaving the flaps down and that helped a ton. Wondering if I could just get a thin sheet of fabric between the tent flap and screen, to dampen the sound when they touch.


It seems that a lot of the issue could be eliminated if there wasn’t three inches of extra material on the inside screen causing the entire area to sag. I may fold up the excess and sew it so the screen is actually taut like every other tent I’ve ever been in.
For so much engineering to go into the frame itself, they really missed with the tent.

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As much as I love my GFC so far I do agree with this. The tent is a little drafty and it baffles me that none of the flaps fully zip up. No rain fly either.

I’ve been in some light rain and didn’t have any water ingress, but I’m pretty worried about getting caught out in an actual wind / rain storm. The tent feels more 3.5-season than 4-season to me.


I agree. Based on everything I’ve seen and read, the tent is the weakest part of the GFC Camper. They should take a hard look at the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper tent and modify the design accordingly.

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