WTB: 3rd Gen Tacoma 6ft Bed - GFC V2

Looking for a GFC camper for a 3nd Gen Tacoma Long Bed (6ft). Message me if available! My cell is 479-372-0082.

Thanks for your time!

Hello Kyle479, I have V2 GFC for the long bed 3rd Gen Tacoma. I was planning on making a for sale post soon on the forum. I am located near Denver Colorado. I can text you photos. The camper has all available options for windows on the tent and panels. The panels are black and the tent fabric is the sand color.

Awesome. My cell is 479-372-0082 if you want to shoot me a text. We can discuss further.

Hey I’m in Taos, NM and interested in your GFC for sale. Text me more details/photos!

@jteeds if this is still available I’m in Denver too and would love to grab it! I can pick up any time

@kyle479 If you’re still looking, I have one for sale in Denver, CO


If you’re still looking we just listed our V2 GFC Camper for 3rd gen Tacoma 6ft bed, located in Bend, OR.

Tent color is Tangerine Dream.

Check it out and reach out if you’re still looking!