WTB build spot for feb delivery

I’m looking for a build spot that would be available for install by Feb.

Related: anyone know the deal on how soon you need to show up for install? If it’s done in feb but I can’t make it out for a month or two, is that okay?

My camper was #971 so things may have changed, but it sat on the lot for a month and a half before I could get out there for the install


The way it works now is that when you place a deposit, we ask you for your preferred install date. We then work with you to match that preferred date to an available install appointment slot. Once that’s locked in, we build the camper to be ready on that specific date and time.

So if you put in a deposit, we’ll call you within a day or two to work out an install date that best fits your schedule and our install availability.

At the rate we’re building these things, we can no longer store them for very long, so we build to a specific install date. I’m going to toot our own horn here and say that this is a very impressive feat. In the old days (a year ago) we could tell you when we’d start your camper build but not exactly when it would be done. Now we’re very good at knowing exactly when each camper will be completed. It’s taken a lot of work to be able to do that reliably. But this is why buying deposits for a place in line isn’t really a thing anymore. When you place a deposit, you get to choose from the available install dates. Which means we now build in the order of scheduled installs, not in the order of deposits, if that makes sense.


I’ll sell mine, should be late Jan/early Feb build spot. I’d need to look into all the rules etc.

I am interested in your spot, could you please give me your contact info? Thank you.

PM sent with my phone number. Thank You.

Random question, but if you purchase someone’s build spot do you get the pre 2022 pricing?

Recommend checking out this thread: Transfer Rules (IMPORTANT)

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