WTB GFC Camper for 3rd gen Tacoma, 6ft bed

Looking for a black GFC camper for a 3rd gen Tacoma, double cab, 6ft bed. Ideally has front and rear windows, tent side doors, and grey tent walls. Located in Denver but happy to drive for pickup. Also happy to buy someone’s spot in the queue, depending on their fulfillment date!

@macsqrl I just posted ours for sale and am located in Denver. Have all of what you’re looking for plus solar panel mounted to the beef bars. Gray tent walls. My phone number is 203-430-0535 if still interested!


Just listed our V2 GFC Camper for 3rd gen Tacoma 6ft bed, located in Bend, OR. Looking for $8200 OBO.

Check it out and reach out if you’re still looking!

I have one available in SLC if you’re still looking

Heres the linkhttps://forum.gofastcampers.com/t/for-sale-v2-tacoma-dclb-gen-3-tacoma-slc-ut/26307