WTB GFC for 2nd Gen Tacoma 5' -- EAST COAST

Hit me up if you have a GFC for 2nd Gen Tacoma 5’ – EAST COAST

Where are you located?


Man I’m so sorry. I totally missed this. I’m in Alabama. I think I’m going to list my truck and camper as a package together. Make it easier to sell the whole thing. I haven’t totally decided. It’s a black GFC v2 with the tangerine dream fabric. I have the beef bars and ladder.

What part of AL? I might be interested if you sell the GFC separately.

I’m in Oxford by the high school.

You think you might be selling?

Yeah, I’m going to try to sell the entire rig first. If I can’t, I’ll separate the camper.

Sounds good. Give me a heads up if you separate. I’m in Auburn and might be interested. Thanks!

Note my post is for a topper and does not have the camper…

If any are interested in an AT Overland summit, message me

Shoot me a PM if that is possible. I’m still learning this forum and don’t see how I can do that. Thanks!