You Tube GFC review No holds barred

I watched this hour long ‘honest’ review from the following:
GFC Review

Is it just me or does this reviewer Scott not know how to camp in the cold? He states he doesn’t want to open a window because it’s too cold and he is blaming GFC for a condensation problem. :joy:

He’s owned a lot of expensive gear and I’m trying to understand his criticism of the GFC platform but his argument doesn’t hold water. If your going to seal up your tent your breath is going to cause moisture build up. But He doesn’t want to open a window? Duh.

His other argument about flapping of the tent in high winds. Well, sleep downstairs! What tent doesn’t flap in high winds?

The translucent roof is a great design feature seeing even if the entire inside of the tent is soaked the sun will dry it out with everything packed away. My old rooftop tent had serious mold issues if I put it away with any moisture.

The tent on mine is high quality and I wouldn’t give it a second thought to pressure wash it. Much sturdier than my old tepui I sold after 2 years.

I had to stop watching and I shouldn’t share his review because he doesn’t deserve viewers.


yeah, I felt the same way watching it. stuff that was a non issue for most people


Im sorry I believe the guy who made that video is completely set in his ways. You have to be able to exchange ideas that you thought were great, and end up being not great.
Camping isn’t about do it my way, its about figuring out what works… and do it that way. Every place you explore will have a different environment, go prepared .

For people who are set in their ways… they make 100k tow behind or truck bed “campers”.
I’d put a fair warning on his video, if you are someone who isn’t able to change their ways you’ll love this video, but if your someone who can think outside the box and love a challenge… do it.

It’s called camping becuase sleeping at home is a perfect experience.

Personally, I camp to enjoy the outdoors, part of that is sometimes being wet or dry, maybe muddy or scratched up… but getting home makes you realize how happy you are to have a roof over your head, camping helps to realize how happy you are to be able to stay outdoors and ‘experience’ just that…


Personally, I couldn’t finish watching this video. Not for lack of sharing his opinion which is to be expected from a customer. I just found it painfully boring. Koodo’s to those who made it the hour :joy:


I couldn’t watch the whole video. He needs a good place in the camper to stow-away a charcuterie board. That much whine needs some cheese and crackers to go along with it!

It is clearly not a “one size fits all world” and this guy has no business owning a GFC! I’m not trying to pick on this reviewer but he may be better suited staying in a bed and breakfast.

Oh well… To thine own self be true!!!


Still waiting for my GFC to have condensation. Ironically havent had an issue yet. I just keep the lower windows open at a minimum regardless of temperature.


I slept on it for a few days and the video no longer upsets me as much. I’m glad other GFC owners see what I was seeing.

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I watched it but the guy just rambles and rambles. It wasn’t straight to the point. Sounds like he went in expecting the camper to be a luxurious platform camper. Which it isn’t.


I don’t know what these kinds of critics expect. If it had more amenities it would (A) be significantly heavier than 250 lbs and require substantial modifications to a midsize truck to handle the load and (B) cost well over $10,0000, probably closer to $20,0000 if some of the competition is any indication.


I looked at other shells and starting was $9,000.00. As a person with landscape supervisor experience I used to expect new hires to know what end of the shovel to use or to be able to know what a maple tree looks like.

You’d think that a reviewer had camped in a tent in the cold or at least had a bit of common sense that sealing up a tent with two people (maybe heavily breathing) might cause a dangerous condensation issue.

The lock mechanism criticism was accurate and I can see how it could be considered fair. But I gave mine a grace period and the locks have been easier to use over time as I used the same new key with the locks wearing a bit. I see others in these forums are replacing the locks.

The Bowing of the roof because the tent is stuffed with gear was mindless. In a roof top tent you can do that but from experience an long period of time and you’ve got mold issues. With the GFC storing bedding downstairs and not in the roof tent is something I’ve had to adapt to. Not a major issues seeing setup in less than 2 minutes.

The main conclusion I’ve had from owning a GFC is that it suits me for its minimalist shell allowing for adaptability and ability to have multiple uses as a truck. This is a product with regular use will hold up with minor maintenance and repairs. To build it out and make it into a contained living space overland tiny house on wheels is a pleasure.


If this guy expects the laws of physics to change just for him he’s always going to be severely disappointed.


Great statement why we camp. Great to be outside, also great to be back home!

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