06 Ram 2500

Well this is my first post, we purchased our GFC used in july of 2023 and installed it on our 2007 Quad Cab Ram with the 6’4" bed. The camper was originally installed on a 2020 Ram power Wagon. Our 2007 Ram had lots of character in the form hail damage and other dents and treated us well, but decided to upgrade to something nicer and I also wanted diesel power because of the driveability that a diesel offers and also the increased fuel millage. So we upgraded to a clean 2006 Quad Cab Ram 2500 with 5.9 Common Rail Cummins Diesel. This truck also has the same cab and bed as our 07 Ram so we could move our camper right over. So far we have spent about 14 nights in our GFC and as far as Sedona AZ and back while on the 07 truck.

This photo was taken on our Thanksgiving trip last year in Sedona. really the only mods the truck had was an Orileys cargo net to hold our sleeping gear and 3/4 inch partical board with bike mounts to carry our mountian bikes inside the camper so they are clean and secure

And here is our new rig with the GFC installed, we put 2 2x4’s underneath the camper to lift it off the old truck and install on the new to us truck. The new truck is really clean and has a stock 5.9 Diesel that has no mods or chips. The truck has 1.5 spacer lift in the front,and the steering has been upgraded to the larger steering box from Mopar and 08+ T style steering which are nice upgrades done by the previous owner. it sits on 35 inch BFG AT tires.