'08 Tacoma ACLB #3188

Starting a build report for my Tacoma as I get a few upgrades ready before I pick up my GFC next month. I’m coming from Alaska so it’ll be a bit of a long haul. I’ve wanted a camping rig with a GFC for a couple years now and I’m finally making it happen this summer. It’ll be a work in progress through the summer so I want a place to document all I do to it. I’m graduating college the week before I drive down, so I’ll call it a graduation gift to myself.

I’m a climber and a skier, so the truck will mostly be a way to get to and from those activities. I expect some light offroading but not for it’s own sake. It’ll also be something of a budget build (at least by GFC standards) since I’m 22…

The truck:
2008 Tacoma
Access cab, 6’ bed
Manual transmission

Looking forward to stealing some ideas from you guys and hopefully coming up with some of my own for you to steal!


First quick “mod” is the AL trailgate. Super quick and easy to install, and a relief to have a flat surface to set things down or climb onto. I was originally going to get the mountain hatch, but the trailgate was cheaper so I went that route. $70 shipping was hard to swallow but there’s not much we can do about that.

Here’s a shot of the tailgate before:

And after:


Great start to what I’m sure will be a killer build! And don’t let the mall crawlers on social media fool you, we love a ‘budget build’ at GFC and dig a minimalist approach. Stoked to follow along and see where the GFC takes you. :call_me_hand:t3:

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Hell yeah! We’ll have to get together at some point when I get back up to AK this fall. I lived in Eagle River until last November and will be back up in September around the Anchorage . I picked mine up in February and am working on my build out as well. I might start a thread for mine but we’ll see. Cheers!

Thanks for the kind words man!

Yeah, totally! There are a few campers around here, but not a ton.

Next up was some cosmetic front end stuff and lighting upgrades. Here’s a before and after. I added a 32” light bar to the bumper using the Cali raised brackets. It’s a perfect setup, hidden away so it doesn’t make noise or anything. I also got the fog lights from caliraised, which are a great match with the amber raptor lights in the new grill.

Well, I’m a little while late posting this, but the install trip is complete! 6200 miles, 12 days when everything was said and done, including a couple days spent hanging out in Montana. Other than adding the GFC of course, the truck got some new tires. I tried to make the trip before upgrading tires, hoping I could put the mileage on the old passenger tires instead of new A/Ts. Didn’t quite go to plan, as a flat on the first day was enough to convince me to buy a new set of tires after making it to Bozeman on the repaired flat. Figure they were cheaper there than Alaska anyway. Originally had 245/75/16s, and I was looking to go to some 265/70/16s. However, they told me after the truck was on the lift at the shop that they only had the new ones in 245/75/16. Oh well. The new tires are the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, and they’re great so far. I can’t tell if they’re louder or less efficient because I got them put on at the same time as the camper, but they seem fine in both respects. Definitely look cool at lease. Here are a couple photos of the truck with the camper and the new tires. I think the black fender flares look pretty sweet with the camper, next big thing will be wheels.


Added the Matt Gecko LED kit last weekend. For anyone interested, I wrote up some details in a Mods, Tips, & Tricks thread called “Matt Gecko Led for V2”. For here, Ill just post a couple quick photos.