09-18 Ford F-150 Go Fast Camper For Sale w/Accessories

Hey Everyone!

Unfortunately, it would appear the time with my GFC is over and it’s time to sell it. My wife and I have decided to go down the adventure trailer rabbit hole and selling the GFC will provide some much-needed capital to make that move. This camper will fit an 2009-2018 Ford F-150 or Raptor with the short (5.5’) bed. It’s a V1 camper with the original welded steel frame and is in great shape. I live in the midwest and it hasn’t been used all that hard; if I’m being honest, it’s never seen off-road abuse so it’s pretty minty. The tent is in excellent shape and has no rips or tears. All the zippers work well and there’s no major damage to the finish anywhere. It did have the original hinges that failed catastrophically but those have been replaced with the new embassy hinges. Here’s a full list of what you get beyond just the GFC XL:

2 Beef rack Crossbars
Bedside LED lights that will also serve as area lighting when the doors are open
2 LED Strips installed in the tent area, wired to a dimmer, and with a standard 12v car plug to run power to them
2 USB Extensions to run charging cables up into the tent.
RV Levels installed in the corner
1 Set of GFC Sheets for the Original Mattress
1 Set of Overland Softgoods Sheets WITH the 1" mattress topper (this is an incredible upgrade and makes the mattress far more comfortable)
Shitbrix adapters and spring pole kit for the rear tent fly
3 Awning Brackets (already installed)
A mountain of spare t-track fittings and hardware for customization (see picture)

Note: in the pictures you can see a blue sea fuse block - that is going to stay with the truck - it’s just attached with velcro.

If my math checks out, if you bought all this new you’d be around $9500 without shipping or install. I’m asking $6500 OBO.

I’m based just outside of Iowa City. If you decide you want to buy my GFC, you’ll need to get a new bulb seal kit to install it just to make sure you won’t have any leaks and it’ll all seal up real nice for you. I’ve got a local shop that sells toppers that is willing to do the install - they quoted me ~$150-250 for the install (depending on how involved it is). I moved this camper from my old truck to my new truck myself and I assure you you’ll need a small crew of people to move it and having a shop with the hardware to do it will be much easier.

DM me with any questions. I’ll post when the camper sells.

I have a 2007 F150. I know the GFC site lists 2009 as their earliest year so I don’t know if it would fit my 2007. Do you have any idea? I’ve recently sent them their request form for compatibility check, no answer yet and unfortunately I missed Overland Expo Mtn West. Anyway, if you have any idea, let me know.

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If I had to guess, it probably won’t fit; there were some pretty large generation changes between the '07 F-150 to the 09-18 F-150 beds. My bed rails are 63" inside to inside and from the back of the bed to the tailgate (inside to inside) is 65.5". If those dimensions fit, we might be in business. Let me know if there’s other measurements or specs that you might need! Happy to help if I can.

Thanks. I’ll have to check my dimensions, but figured there was a reason for GFCs ratings. I hope I hear back from them too. Thanks again.

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to post an update - I’m reducing the price to $6000.

I’ll buy this from you for 6000$

Message me?

Message sent!

FYI, Camper is still available.

Please confirm this will fit Gen 1 Raptor and reply. The company told me the V1 won’t fit the 2nd Gen which is apparently what you’ve got so please double check and get back to me because I’ve got a 2010 raptor…thanks a million


So previously this camper lived on a 2011 Ford F-150 crew cab short bed XLT BEFORE i got my gen 2 raptor. The beds between the F150 and Raptor are the same, so its safe to say itll fit. I got that fitment information direct from GFC. Fits perfect on either. Send me a direct message if youd like to connect and discuss further.

Update: camper is still available.

Message me

Hi! I have a Ford F150 that is a 2021 model, but I checked the dimensions you posted earlier and they were the same, so I think that would work. Very interested! Let me know! My e-mail is kels.andrist@gmail.com


I sent an email to the address you provided. Let me know if theres any interest.