10K miles already on V2 from July 31

Took a cross country trip with wife and toddler

Simple build based on the little ones needs and ours. Kept stock suspension and tires for good gas mileage

The camper is excellent at freeway speeds and the modular do what you want design was perfect for our needs.

Heavy storms in Nebraska unveiled the campers weakness. As documented and modified a number of times on this forum ie: getting your kid out while a torrent of water pours into the rear passenger side area and all over you !
The other weakness was water and wind coming through the tent side vents while zipped up. Add to this the sagging rear door and loose material while zipped and we were forced to sleep in the truck bed and be creative to keep dry.
While not a deal breaker we know what to expect in extreme conditions. We stayed in the camper as a family a total of 15 nights in all conditions and altitudes. We’ll see how it stands up over time but for the family and I who are California residents it’s been a liberating addition to our Tacoma.


Looks like y’all had a fun trip. I have the same setup as you (including family) and we also did a lengthy road trip a few months back. Seems like we’re lucky we didn’t have any heavy rain to contend with.