12v For a Dummy

Alright you smart people of the forums…

Unlike many other, I will only be using my single starter battery for all my electrical (odyssey AGM94R 80AH). Below is the electrical diagram I came up with and will be using for my GFC.

My main concern is “T’ing” the accessories off the main line from the charge controller to the battery. Is this an okay practice or should I run a dedicated line to the battery for the accessories and leave the main line alone. I’m an electrical noob and new to the whole solar stuff so I’m looking for any pointer, tips or red flags with this setup. Thank y’all!

I do this. I have 4 AWG from the battery to my fuse distribution block. The charge controller hits that same distro block stud that my 4 AWG is connected to.

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Great to hear! I’ll be adding a fuse before the battery and probably run 10AWG to where the will tee in. Thank!

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