12v heated blanket for cold night

This worked well for us at Flagstaff!

All you need is 100ah LiFePO4 battery and 12v plug. Even with the lowest setting, it kept us hot during the cold nights/morning.

ELUTO Electric Blanket 12V Polar… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QRYCW2G?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


I have a couple of these that live in my gofast. They are awesome for preheating my bag on cold nights. Usually use these instead of my heater unless it is single digits and I have someone else with me then the diesel heater gets kicked on.

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I’ve been planning on building a solar/battery system in hopes of a heated blanket being one of the main uses.

How does solar do at recharging the 100ah battery after a few nights of use?

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@ScottH, yes these blankets comes in handy! I do have cheap diesel heater in a box…I am not sure after experiencing the cold nights with heated blanket, heater is necessary or not… We figured go to bed early solves the issue…hahaha

@bipNdip, no issue charging the battery with 200wh solar set up. They usually say 80%, so 160wh and 7.5 hour to charge 100ah / 1200wh battery as I calculated. We camped at Overland West provided camp site under 50% shade for a few days and that definitely drained the battery to 20% or so… We still used coffee maker, lights, heated blanket at night fridge was on the whole time and we didn’t miss any “comfort” per say. I wanted to use the heck out of my battery as if there is no limitation of power to test my set up in that condition!

Anyhow, we left that camp site after 2 days & 2 nights on Sunday (not just shade issue, but we didn’t like the “packed animals at zoo” feel, so we moved to Walnut Canyon BLM open camp site and we followed the sun all day with the panel and battery went back up to 80% or so…by sun down…only thing operating was Iceco fridge…

Here is what I am pondering now…

I do have another 100ah battery in storage…I believe 200wh solar is enough to charge 100ah battery in one day…meaning 2 days for 200ah. So, I thought of adding another 100ah battery “for in case if I can only get 50% shaded spot for 4 nights”…on a longer trip…

However, we are talking about pop up camper on a truck bed, meaning we are not planning to go out there in a bad weather nor to stay on the same spot for days like trailers…if the spot is bad, then just simply fold it down and move out to better spot or get out of bad weather…

Basically, I am debating myself…

Anyhow, here is my set up