12V power source

I have no need for AC power or much reserve power in general. This is a 100ah Lifepo4 battery with a variety of handy features built-in at a great price with the discount code for $30 off listed on the youtube video and can’t beat a 10 year warranty. They also have some great prices on other batteries.

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You already grab one yourself? I’d be curious to hear how handy it is after some good usage, so keep us posted if you do.

This is awesome! Thanks for the share. With 1280 Wh and 10 year warranty, no brainer.

This is actually pretty cool. You get a lot of Watt hours per dollar.


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They also have batteries without the hub. It would be nice if the hub accepted more than a 100w solar panel, but it will work for my needs now. Can always get a dc-dc charger and another panel down the road if needed.

I have one of these. I’ve only had it on one trip so far so can’t give much of a review yet. It works as advertised and I don’t see any obvious corners cut.

Right now it is only powering a diesel heater and the occasional phone/iPad charge duty. I will be wiring up my fridge to it as well as LED lighting.

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I run this kickass battery box with their 120ah battery. Powers my fridge via Anderson plug, has a solar input, and two 12v plug-ins and four USB plug-ins. plug and play from your main battery into the battery box and charges via alternator while you drive.