1630 Spot Available, Sadly

I’m getting rid of my tuck, not my plan, but there’s a problem with it. GFC is been asking for details about my truck, so at this point this spot is for whatever you have. Gladiator, Tacoma, whatever. I’m asking $575
$500 of which of course goes toward the cost of the Canopy Camper.

I was told its set to deliver sometime in June.


SOLD (Pending)

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Sorry to hear about your truck… This should sell quick though. GLWS

I’ll take it. I’m sending you a pm now. Thanks.

Messaged you check your inbox


I have spot 1706 for sale if anyone is interested!

Moving on up!

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@Medicfung I’ll take it PM me. Here is the rest of 20 characters.

Looks like you beat me to that one. I’ll take your 1706 off your hands. PM me and we can set it up. Thanks

Just messaged you

Purchased! #1706. And another 20 characters.