#1752 for Sale - SOLD SOLD SOLD

Standard camper ( #1752). No options have been selected, so it could be upgraded to an XL or kept as a standard.

2020 grandfathered pricing - $6450 total VERSUS 2021 $6950 pricing.

Trying to recoup the cost of jumping to an earlier reservation.

Details: Can paypal, with fee for buyer protection or Venmo and i will setup transfer immediately with GFC.


just wondering how $1200 for a spot is 2020 pricing? thats over double what a spot cost in 2020


The deposit yes, but the entire camper is still $500 less than a 2021.

I’m guess you’re not interested, yet can’t help but saying nothing that will add to this conversation?


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Just clarifying for future buyers…


A new buyer would pay a $200 premium for this spot over the 2021 pricing. Yes, correct.

What is the build date estimate for this spot?

Per GFC, June start date.

I have 1626, scheduled pick up for July 16th… but earliest possible was July 9th.

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Well I am interested. Seems I don’t have PM capabilities since I am new to the forum though.

Thanks for the interest, camper sold!!