1991 OBS Bronco

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop in some photos of my 1991 Ford Bronco that I threw a GFC on late last year.
It’s a pretty simple truck. Don’t have a lot of photos of the “build” process, but can provide any info for people curious! Hope to inspire other people out there to build old Fords.



I might’ve seen this on the IG recently. Great looking truck. What’s your @ ?

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Hell yeah. Always good to see a classic.

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Nice bronco!

…ok I’ll be the first… is she named OJ?


Cut and turned beams? Kings? What else? Guessing deaver pack in the rear with shock under the bed? Truck looks great-

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Thank you!! It’s @franklin_ca

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It’s a fairly simple set up! Handful of Desolate goodies like radius arms, beam pivots, king 2.5” shocks, solo motor sports coil springs, and yes a deaver pack in the rear!


Ooohhhh it’s got coil undies?