1994 fj80 GFC RTT

I decided to out my build up as I didn’t see many other fj80 builds up here. I have enjoyed doing this. I’ve built it for myself and my family. I’ve designed it to carry all 5 members to all sorts of cool places. So far it has worked great. We utilize a ground tent for the kids which I think will work better as the years go on.

I have a V2 GFC with 200w renogy solar on top


awesome! would love an 80

What awning is that on the rear? Do you have it mounted to the tent frame or the truck? It’s hard to find narrow ones like that. I just picked up a 4’ Roam Outfitters one. I haven’t mounted it yet and I’m unsure if I’m going to keep it since it buts up pretty tight to the latches on the tent.

@MattS yeah it’s a CVT awning. I had to buy non GFC mounts as GFC didn’t have any mounts for the rear of the tent due to the lip on the back. It actually fits perfectly width wise and there is plenty of room for latches to function. It’s just a big awkward tucking the final portion of tent fabric in but I got used to it now problem. I even can use the spring rods too without much difficulty on that rear rain flap

The mounts are Leitner awning mounts. I secured them using some t-nuts from gzila

Thanks! That’s good to know you can still use the spring rods, that was one of my biggest concerns.

@MattS It’s the CVT 55” awning I believe.

More pics I took

I have icon dual rate springs front
Arb medium springs rear
Extended travel arb shocks

33” falken ruitrek
Stock rims
Hidden winch
200w renogy solar
Dual Battery system
Dual band ham radio
National Luna dual compartment fridge
Goose gear kitchen 2.0
Delta vs center console