1st Gen Tacoma mounting locations/dimensions

Does anyone have information on the locations and dimensions of the mounting brackets for a 1st gen Tacoma (Xtracab w/ the 6ft bed)? I’m going to being picking up my GFC in June hopefully and having it installed there. I’m building a set of drawers for the bed and I want to make sure they don’t interfere with the GFC installation. I need to know where along the bed rails they are located, how wide they are, and how far they extend down from the top of the bed rail.


From inside of front bed rail to center of 1st bracket is 6 3/4". From center of 1st bracket to center of 2nd is 17 7/8". From center of 2nd bracket to center of 3rd is 17". From center of 3rd bracket to center of last bracket is 15 7/8". Doubt those measurements are all that critical when they’re being welded on, so wouldn’t surprise me to see slight variations in the spacing.