1st gen tacoma V2 toppers

Has anyone here with a 1st gen tacoma been able to get an install date for a V2? The GFC rollout spreadsheet says that model is released and I’ve definitely seen pics of 1st gens with V2’s. But GFC is telling my buddy, who put a deposit down last October, has a build number in the low 1700’s and has paid the full invoice a month ago, that the 1st gens aren’t in production yet and he will have to wait til November. He’s super bummed and frustrated.

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@thelovedrive has one installed on a gen 1. GFC’s V2 model rollout says the 1st generation Tacoma campers have been released. Does he maybe have an OG Toyota pickup?

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Thanks for the response. It’s a 2003 1st gen 6’ bed.

Here’s a 1 gen with v2 but who knows he is an Instagram model

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Said buddy reporting for duty - Yep, 2003 gen 1. Still waiting on a response from support for clarification, but definitely confusing :thinking:

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HA, influencers first!


It’s weird because the statement from GFC is “As soon as we are ready to schedule your installation, we will send you your final invoice and your camper will be ready for production.” They sent him the invoice a month ago. So he selected options and paid right away. He sent a followup email asking when he can expect to schedule the install a few days ago and they responded saying it won’t be in production til November. It’s also frustrating that GFC’s responses are quite short and give no explanation. He tried calling several times but no one every answers. Hopefully this is just a mistake and they get him scheduled soon.

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It’s probably because your build number is in the 1700’s and there are hundreds of units under that which still need to be built.

@Seemore_Miles what’s your build number and install date? it’s more about the fact that I am being told my model isn’t even ready for production after I’ve already paid the full invoice… the messaging from GFC just doesn’t line up.

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I have a 2002 Tacoma with a 6’ bed. My install date is 7/29. Build # in the 1600’s.

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thanks for responding, good to know! not sure why gfc support is telling me my vehicle isn’t supported yet as clearly it is. assuming this is all a misunderstanding.

Now I’m a lil concerned though haha! I’m going to try and confirm everything before I drive all the way to Montana. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.


Build #1405, installed a V2 on a 1st gen early July (along with another Gen 1 on the same day).

Interestingly though, I got a call from the install team the day after paying the invoice. But my build # was up though so that probably had something to do with it.

I do agree that their customer service is all over the board, and it’s hard to get someone on the phone. Hoping they solve that issue quickly - from a customer standpoint, it leaves a lot to be desired.


Agreed, CS team is pretty rude/short and hard to get a hold of.

Awesome, thanks for confirming! Just waiting for CS to admit they made a mistake and move on rather than blaming me for the confusion.

Good luck. They’ve never apologized even after numerous mix-ups on their behalf. I’d give up on that :woozy_face:

Yep they get dibs on first ones. I mean I feel it sucks. But if it was my company I’d do the same.

Tell me about it bub I’ve been paid in full for 6 months, build number in the 1200’s and just finally got a date in September. No sympathy from the team, just pay and wait and wait longer

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post a follow up to this thread. In short, we misclassified @frsrly’s vehicle as something other than his 1st Gen Tacoma. Clearly this was a mistake on our end. With that said, we were able to figure out his correct vehicle and get everything sorted. So our apologies for creating confusion!

To give some additional insight here, we have 28 of these first-gen Tacoma models on order. Of the 28, we have completed 13. In fact, we have two installs happening today. They are currently being built based on their order timeline like all of our camper models once supported.

Regarding influencers getting early units, this often works out really well for us. Most of the time, influencers are friends of ours who are willing to either hang out up here for a week or more while we are test fitting and prototyping using their vehicle. Most customers don’t have that kind of availability, but if you do and are currently waiting on an unsupported model please don’t hesitate to volunteer. It also helps us get content and performance feedback of that model once the truck is supported.

Jason’s (koda) camper model was completed 5/21, and the next 5’ first generation camper was completed 6/10. So the turnaround time was pretty quick there, as Jason went home with the production prototype, and the first customer went home with a full production unit right about three weeks after.

Regarding Seemore above, our internal vehicle coding had flagged his unit as a pickup, not a tacoma. We have since resolved that issue in our processes and have done an audit of other orders in the queue.

I appreciate you guys offering feedback, and know that it is being well received. We want to continually improve in all aspects as a company, and we know that we are far from perfect. But we are working our tails off trying to rebuild our CS program in order to better take care of y’all.

Please never hesitate to reach out with questions, and as always, emails are better than calls on our end as we are currently staffed quite leanly in the CS department and oftentimes can get back to you a lot faster via email.


-Team GFC