**2002 Toyota Tacoma + V1 Go Fast Camper** (Costa Rica)

2002 Toyota Tacoma + Go Fast Camper

Asking $17,500 OBO for the complete package listed below—it’s 100% ready for your next adventure. The truck is currently in Costa Rica.

This is the truck that will take you anywhere and everywhere without hesitation. No accidents and only 3 owners, previous owners (they were related) and myself are meticulous about every detail on the truck. Minimal rust on the frame, which is very rare for this vehicle. AC runs cold and the truck has always started. In addition to the upstairs sleeping loft, for stealthy situations, the downstairs can easily be converted into a sleeping area for two (although a bit cozy). We carried two bikes with us throughout the states and it handled admirably (the Kuat Pivot V2 is included). The BEST vehicle for Central America, every other vehicle on the road is a Toyota truck of this generation. I have a full history report of the truck’s life. Reach out to monikapiadad@gmail.com with any further questions or for more photos/videos.

The Truck:

2002 Toyota Tacoma Xtracab

  • US Plates
  • V6 3.4L Gasoline Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 4x4 w/ Low Range and Electric Rear Differential Locker
  • 235,xxx miles
  • 20mpg highway/15 off-road


  • Go Fast Camper V1 w/ Orange Steel Frame


  • Winch with interior switch and exterior remote
  • LED Light bar
  • Yakima Roof Rack
  • Husky Floor Mats
  • Custom ACU seat covers (original seats are in great condition)
  • Flowmaster Magna Flow Muffler with a really nice purr

Camper Buildout:

  • V1 GFC Camper (www.gofastcampers.com)
  • GoalZero Yeti 500x Lithium Battery Bank
  • Renogy 100-watt solar panel (with room for about three more panels)
  • FPSC 30L 12v fridge (runs at about 5watts once cooled)
  • ARB 2500 awning with integrated LED lights
  • 20L water tank w/ electric pump
  • Two interior LED light zones on separate dimmers
  • Loft mattress upgraded: 2” of soft foam and 1” of memory foam (a huge improvement over GFC’s stock mattress)


  • Pull out kitchen with pantry area, storage for dishware and separate section for spices and utensils
  • 2x Commercial Grade cutting boards (plus a little cheese board)
  • Primus Kinjia 2 Burner Stove (has extremely good flame modulation for low simmers)
  • 5lb Propane Tank (we fill about once a month cooking twice a day)
  • Basic kitchen supplies, some spices and dry goods if you want
  • UST 8.5L collapsible silicone sink
  • Wine Opener :wink:


  • Front 2" Leveling Lift Kit
  • Front Bilstein B6 4600 shocks
  • Rear Old Man Emu 7 pack leaf springs installed 20k miles ago
  • Rear Firestone Airbag suspension,
  • Rear Rancho RS5000 shocks installed 10k miles ago


  • 16x8 American Racing Baja Rims
  • Falken Rubitrek Load Range E AT tires 265/75 R16 10k miles only


  • AllPro Tubular Steel Bumpers
  • AllPro Tubular Steel Rock Sliders
  • Kuat Pivot V2 Swingout

Service 10k miles ago:

  • New spark plugs & harnesses
  • New charcoal canister
  • New mass air flow sensor
  • New passenger side CV axle
  • New rack & pinion
  • New fuel pump
  • Compression test

Service 1 year ago:

  • New Battery
  • AC compressor rebuilt & recharged
  • New horn, honk honk.

Service 2 years ago:

  • Timing belt/water pump
  • Hydro tensioner
  • Idler bearing
  • Crank seal
  • Cam seal
  • Serp belt
  • AC belt
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Intake manifold gaskets

Recovery Gear:

  • Badland ZXR5000 Winch
  • 1x Roll up Traction Mat
  • Hybrid Bottle Jack/Jack stand
  • Full size Spare
  • Recovery Strap
  • Shovel

Doggy Area:

  • Built out behind drivers seat dog palace
  • Underneath is stowaway and storage
  • Built for a 40lb dog
  • We can include some toys and treats if you’re bringing your dog or for your future Central American street pup :wink:


  • Needs parking brake cable tightened
  • Rear passenger body panel near bumper has small crack, easy weld could fix.
  • Pesky check engine code has been with us for a while, but it’s just an emissions system related to the evap system. Read up on the P0440 (Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction) and you’ll see that it’s common with Tacomas. We’ve tried a number of fixes but it’s probably a clogged vent line near the gas tank which we haven’t found. We’ve more or less given up on chasing down the problem as it doesn’t affect how the truck runs.
  • Our Costa Rica TIP expires on April 26. There are a number of ways to handle this; shoot us a DM if you want to talk about the options.


  • 2x Camping Chairs
  • 1x Camping Table
  • Shovel
  • Motorola 35mile waterproof 2-Way Radios
  • Original Head Unit w/ CD & Cassette
  • Bluetooth Radio Transmitter for tunes
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Indoor/Outdoor Electric Thermometer
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • A handful of carabiners
  • ALSO comes with the best Boards of Canada album on CD ◡̈

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