2007 tundra GFC on a 2016?

I’m looking to buy a used GFC for my 2016 6.5 foot tundra, I’ve found one nearby that’s on a 2007 tundra and am wondering if it will fit? And be watertight and stay tight?

I would double check with GFC support because it will vary from the build number, but from my experience and research - all GFC Tundra campers produced for 07-21 models will fit your 2007.

It gets finnicky for 20-21 Tundras as Toyota introduced the sharkfin antenna, so the cab heights changed. GFC now makes their cab height the same for all Tundra years (sharkfin and non), but that wasn’t introduced until around early 2022.

You will be fine, but for anyone else reading all 07-19 tundras will be fine with ANY GFC camper, but those with 2020-21 Tundras will need to do the extra research and clarify with the seller based on build number.

FWIW - I have a 2019 Tundra (without sharkfin), and had to do extensive research when purchasing my GFC

Gonna piggy back on here as it seems like you know your stuff. I have a V2 on my 2012 6.5’ Tundra. I want to purchase a 22 or 23 Tundra this spring. Is the antenna the biggest sticking point? Could a “delete” be run if needed? If that’s the only issue I will figure out a way to make it work. I was under the impression that there were some actual bed shape/cab height differences.

No idea if it would work, I’m only familiar with the 2-2.5 gens.

Good luck!