200watt Solar Panel

Found out that a Renogy Solar panel is perfect horizontally mounted on the roof of an XL. Used the beef bar towers on the sides (cut down slightly) and a small spacer between the panel and tower mount.


so this set does not have the solar panel attached to the beef bar in any way , correct?

That is correct. Not attached to the beef bars. And it still sits below the height of the beef bars as well.

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very clean setup


really like the pass through you have there

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Yeah I just hate the wires on the outside so tucked in them as far in the corner as possible.

A guy could also use the @jedgar brackets for this panel and achieve the same thing. Also be a lot less expensive for mounting if one has the beef bars :joy:

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This is a very nice set up. Exactly what I’m looking for. Looks like the other solution posted here has the panel slightly above the rack. I do like the set up with the original bracket cut down. How did you purchase the side mounts only?

Thanks for taking the time to share

Perry G

Here is the link. They can be purchased via the spare parts on the GFC website.

Hey Josh, thank for the info I could not track it down on the web site. I do have a new V2 of the bars. They are great for carrying everything. I love this set up as my bars are set up fare appart to carry my Canoe. This allows me to place the panel without a bar.


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Agreed, I carry my canoe up top as well. Although I don’t liked putting it on haha.

I’m lucky to have two trucks to pick from.

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Is there any reason not to use something like joining plates for 80/20? I probably wouldn’t trust them with as much load as the beef bars but for solar panels, mounted close to the roof with little lateral load, I’d think they’d be fine.

For me it was for the aesthetics and I wanted the side plates to match my beef bars. Cleaner install was more important to me.

I’m sure a guy could make them work.