2012 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon Build

Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d share my Jeep Rubicon build with the newly installed GFC V2 Platform RTT!

This is a custom built setup with machined high-strength aluminum blocks that sit on a Rhino Rack backbone, which in turn supports the GFC Aftermarket crossbars!

Just installed some beef racks on top as well, looking for a way to install some light pods on the back and looking for any suggestions on what people have used and done for wiring, especially with Wranglers.

Let me know what you guys think!


Looks like such a perfect fit! I’m trying to convince my old man to throw one on top of his Audi wagon :rofl:

Funny you say that, I’ve been trying to find one of those Audi S4/S6 Avants for sale, quite hard to come by stateside.

I totally support the decision to slap a GFC on the top though xD

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That’s would be so sick, a twin turbod S6 Avant Go Fast Camper! Actually going fast! @Mike_GFCUSA yall ever put a rtt on something smaller than a subi that actually has some balls behind the pedal? There’s some Audi’s that play around king of hammers every year… Let’s put one on my old man’s Audi. I’ll get Relentless to fab up some bumpers for it and then you’ll have a full lineup; trucks, jeeps, 4runners and wagons not named Subi🤣

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Looks like the RTT will fit perfectly…


I’m waiting for Jon Olsson to strap one on a lambo haha

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@Mike_GFCUSA disregard my earlier post. Would be kinda cool if you put one on a Lambo…


I do not disagree that any of that would be cool!

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Ahhhh the Audi All-road is super fitting for the GFC treatment. I’ve seen those high-end hyper cars with massive Thule Roof baskets --> think a Super Lite would suffice for this? haha @Mike_GFCUSA @FloridaMan

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I’m looking for some options how to mount GFC RTT as you did and it looks amaizing.
I Have new 4xe with back bone system installed.

By any chance would you have specs for the block you made?