2013 RW Tundra GFC Build Thread

2013 Rock Warrior Tundra GFC Build Thread

I owned a 2016 Tacoma for a period of time before I purchased this truck. This truck was in the family and wanted to get out of it because they have a small commute and don’t need this large of a truck. I was glad to pick it up and knew one of the first additions was to be a GFC. I did my research for a while trying to determine if a GFC was “truly worth it.” I have expressed my feelings about the idea of the GFC on TacomaWorld but I will explain it here as well. In my opinion is that I believe this is the perfect balance of a camper shell, an RTT, and a roof rack. If you were to make those purchases separately you would be right around the same price range as a GFC. Do I still think it was worth it? Time will only tell, I do have my gripes with it and maybe that is probably because I did buy a used GFC.

I purchased the GFC back in February/March but my truck was in the shop for a while getting work done during these COVID times. (Took a lot longer than expected.) I purchased it from another tundra owner that was going fiberglass in the rear and didn’t think about selling it until I asked him. He got back to me in a few days and said it was. Being that it is used, I expected some things to be wrong with it and to improve on certain things. Well, I have issues and some questions for you all to help me address.

#1. This scratch. I didn’t get a full story from the previous owner, but I am assuming he was taking off the awning and it fell and scratched the side. It honestly doesn’t bother me but I know it can be fixed.

#2. Not even on both sides when I close it. Yes, all fabric is tucked in nicely. Why is there this gap between the sides when I close it? Is this normal? What can I do to fix it?

#3. My bedding is not even and it looks like my foam was cut. The two panels towards the back of the camper are not even with the two larger panels. They are almost an inch to 1/2in shorter. Also, the two smaller panels seem way “harder” than the rest of the panels. Is this normal? I undid the top red fitted sheets and found that extra foam was in the sheet instead of inside the grey covers it comes with for the middle bedding panel. Was kind of pissed at this but I was alright with it at the time. What is normal and what can I fix?

I appreciate everyone’s time to help me out and improve on this. GFC, please give me feedback.


Hey @liltrok, welcome to the GFC team. I would be happy to answer some questions for you based on he information and pictures you have provided.

The side to side discrepancy in the rear of the tent is due to the roof’s ability to “float” on the camper. This allows the camper to take the abuse it does without transferring that to the roof and causing damage. Since the roof does float and is only hinged on the front there is a small amount of movement to either side which can translate into what you are seeing in the rear. Typically opening the camper very slightly, taking a soft mallet and gently tapping it towards the more open side will allow you to align it better. You will not cause any damage or issues using this method and it is quite simple. On my personal GFC I can just pull it to one side or the other and do not need a mallet.

As for the cushions it almost looks like the previous owner has a combination of the older 3" mattress we had and the 2" mattress we use now. As for the topper foam inside the sheet, we cannot say where that comes from. If you want to shoot some photos of the inside of the mattresses and the mattresses themselves to Mike@gfcengineering.com I would be happy to help you figure that out.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! @BigMikeOfficial

GFC worked out as a good chase trok storage for the PCI 300 this past weekend!