2014 Ram Big Horn - Build out

One day…. My work is in the film industry and right now it’s in the dump due to the ongoing strike. Any other year and Id take my family up to Canada or wherever for a trip, but this year is gonna be tight. Hoping next season ill be in a better position. Thanks for the invite!

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Some people say, ‘If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all’

I say I’ve got plenty of luck :blush:

Good thing is it’s the second deer on this side for this coastal off-road bumper.

Holy shit!

My partner has identified such a funny pattern of behaviour from me on these things. The first stage you have already witnessed ‘The ‘Oh well, what can you do’’ in my previous post regarding the deer impact.

Later that day I entered the second stage which results in ‘Fuck this truck, I’m trading it in!’ You can see evidence here:

I used truck in the Color I ACTUALLY like…but I loose some luxury features like heated seats :cold_face: (That’s actually not too bad)

This brings us to current times…’Spreadsheets created’ which my wife describes as the most terrifying stage. I think because I can be impulsive, so you just never know what’s going to happen.

I’ve built five models each with their own theoretical justification:

I call this one the ‘Scout’ - 2022 Ram 1500 Tradesmen Night Edition
Mopar Lift kit 4"
Go Fast Campers - Topper w/ Work Cubby
Fast HD - Shred Summer Rims
Good Year Duratrac - Studded
Vice Designs Hidden Winch w/Warn12s Evo
*empty box build

I call this one ‘The Commuter’ - Shorter wheelbase family travel rig, grocery getter, shuttle rig, solo adventure looker.
2022 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Night Edition
Mopar Lift kit 4"
Go Fast Campers - Topper w/ Work Cubby
Fast HD - Shred Summer Rims
Good Year Duratrac - Studded


Then finally we have ‘The Commander’ - Full build out in a rig that can actually handle the weight. Build truck with Topper with full intentions of swapping the platform over from ‘Trigger’
2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
Go Fast Campers - Topper w/ Work Cubby


All of these options include of course keeping my beloved ‘Trigger’

I added this one to the fleet. I call this one ‘Plausible’ - a practical idea, remove all the chrome stock pieces and restore them on ‘Trigger’ . Then work on fully factory restoring ‘Trigger’ for a showroom style classic keeper. Like it was the day it rolled off the lot.


If I were to start an adventure tourism company that hosted overland trips with vehicles. Maybe this would be my fleet…It’s fun to dream :thinking:

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Then there’s this stage ‘well, I need the truck so I’ll make it road worthy’

When doing these type of repairs. It requires special tools, because I’m feeling nice I’ll share my secret

2009 Honda CRV
1.5T chainhoist
A glimpse of hope

Don’t try this at home kids, Donger has no risk tolerance.


Well life has a way of working in various ways. Sometimes paths drift apart. When that happens you have to seek out the best way to up your game. Moving into the truck full time seemed like a good idea. I have since come to my senses and I have added this to the fleet to supplement the rig.

Moving forward I will be living and working out of this setup. The GFC is still a critical part of the setup. Stoked on the new addition should take possession next week at some point. Hopefully.

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On another note…I sure am hard on equipment

Broke a latch

Mangled that thingy

It’s been a hectic week, big changes and some ideas are better on paper. The trailer has come home.

Now the real work begins on this thing is making it winter livable. If anyone is wondering, my mileage went from 16L/100km to 30L/100km. Needless to say passing a gas station in northern BC….not an option.