2014 Ram Big Horn - Build out

Things have been busy these days as ski season winds down. Finally got my bumper in to get welded from the dear hit in November!

Also as you can see my maroon lipstick grill has finally been replaced by the proper grill. The body shop, like the other could not match the raptor liner. It’s all good though because I need to redo that section over the cab any ways. It has chipped badly!

Now comes the slow process of painting the bumper, trying to make sure that all the nooks and crannies are primed well.

Gonna buff up the old one and put some paint on it as well. Stoked to have the ‘old’ bumper for the next RAM project…hopefully a 4th gen Power Wagon 6.4L…a boy can dream.


Great thing about when you don’t have a bumper on a truck…it motivates you to work away at getting that rectified.

The replacement bumper and skid plate. This time I’m running the compressor at 75psi to get a finer speckle.

Since I’m sprayin’! Figured I’d clean up the first attempt at lining plastic. This time I used adhesive promoter. We’ll see.

And….since I have the original bumper that the shop straightened out after the deer hit. I cleaned that up as well. Didn’t go crazy on it, but sealed it.

Trying to decide if I should try to sell it to fund headers; or pay for the suspension upgrade.

I’m excited to wire this bumper up and get it on.

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what spray is that?

It’s called Raptor Liner. It’s not as rubber based as lineX. Although because of that it has a tendency to chip. But overall I’ve been happy with the product. I have it on my rocker panels and wheel flares as well.

You can buy it in kits with a spray gun so it makes driveway hacks bodymen.

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I love my Ford F-150 Lightning, but I liked the cameras on my 2019 Ram better than the Ford ones. Seems like they had better detail and stayed cleaner more.

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im not worried about chipping because i might redo my rear seat floorplate with that.
also to hide that “plywood texture” lol

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Figured since I was spraying. Not sure I’m going to put the badges back on yet. But I’d be sad I hadn’t done them when I had the paint :smiley:

Rivnuts are such a game changing tool in the kit. Although I experienced something new with drilling out the existing holes. The metal shavings scratched the raptor liner. Not a big deal since my plate will cover it.

Lights are next :smiley: Then I can finally put the truck back together and move onto the next project.

Oh it will work great for that! It adheres like crazy to plywood.

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sweet! that’s good to know!

Lights, Winch and AC plug installed

Finally installed! This has been a painful insurance repair.

Here’s to hoping the insurance company reimburses me for all the materials, bumper and time since they didn’t want to do it.

Now to get out and scratch this thing!

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I opted to mount the emblems.

Decided to leave the ‘1500’ off similar to the 5th gens

Then I thought I would try something different on the other side;

What do you think? Ram or Roam?


Partial to ROAM.

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