2016 DCLB Tacoma with GFC

I think it’s time to do something different. I will break these up - but I’m going to hold out for a bit to see if I can sell them together. I LOVE this rig. I just need something better for living in this winter with my 11 year old son since we’ll be spending a lot of weekends in it.

2016 Sport
140k kms
OME suspension (done by west coast off-roaders)
Few other small modifications like anytime on backup camera, etc. Nothing extensive
Weathertech mats since new
Clazzio seat covers - since new. Covers could use a cleaning but seats are like new.
Great condition KO2s
Just changed the oil.
Mostly highway miles to my cabin

GFC - Gen 1
Has original tent material but I bought a new tent with side doors - not installed.
Homemade single drawer with aux battery
Self installed lights
Upgraded hinges
Alu-Cab 270 awning
3 roof rack bars

Tent opens and closes in less than 60 seconds. Awning takes about the same amount of time.

I have done nothing but change oil, tires, and brakes. All documented.

If I think of anything else I’ll add.

I LOVE this truck but I think I need a small RV for skiing with my son. As much as I love my GFC - I want a bit more luxury when I’m skiing with an 11 year old. That means a furnace. :slight_smile:

Turn key - start it up and drive it anywhere. Title in hand.

$54K OBO (Canadian Dollars). In Vancouver, BC.

I would consider a trade for a smaller (26’ or less) RV in good shape. I’m looking to get an RV and a car.
Truck with GFC


Quick edit. I think I have the GFC Sold. Come buy my awesome truck!

I have found the RV that I want. Would consider taking a smaller car (jeep, pajero, subaru, civic,???) in partial trade.

I am in Vancouver, BC.

Would love to see some pics of how you installed that Shadow awning.

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@cvollers There is a thread on here about that. I used 2 GFC mounts and a custom rear mount from @AlexaB. There’s another thread by someone who’s talking about making custom mounts.

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That would be me making those custom brackets for the Shadow. :slight_smile:


I’ve got some pix up here. I can take more if you need.

Did you end up selling the GFC? If not, I could come pick it up in AZ, I’m also based in Denver

Not yet. But, I’m in vancouver, British Columbia - Canada.

Not sure where to edit.

Price reduced to $50K Canadian.

GFC is NOT sold. Guy backed out.

I still prefer to keep the truck/GFC together if possble.

I bought the small RV so now don’t need the truck anymore.

Will consider partial trade for car.

I’m planning to drive to Montana July 22-29 from Vancouver BC to go fly fishing.

I can drop off the GFC anywhere along the way. I’m planning to go south to Seattle and then directly west to Wolf Creek.

In USD - let’s call in $9,000 with EVERYTHING including delivery. In addition I will accept a 6 pack of a yummy local beer wherever you are from.

V1 GFC with upgraded hinges
New tent with side door - not installed
Alu-Cab 270 awning with custom billet aluminum corner bracket
Homemade single drawer with small AGM battery, dc-dc charger, electric panel, etc.
LED lights in bed and in tent (with separate switch and charging station for in the tent).

I think I’m missing some things but you get the gist - it’s ready to go and I’ll be camping in it in Montana unless someone buys it before I go.

Here’s the updated CL ad: Perfect Overlanding Rig - cars & trucks - by owner

I can’t believe nobody has bought the entire setup. My buddy’s girlfriend wants it but can’t come up with the cashola. It’s in good enough shape that I don’t mind selling it to a friend.


I’m in Bellingham and interested in the gfc, I’ll have to look at the ad a bit more but let’s get in touch?


GFC sold.

Awning available - see new ad.

Truck still available CAD 36,000 or best offer.

Everything sold except the mounting brackets. I’ll start a new post to sell them.